A potpourri of #OccupyWallStreet Videos (4)

0. Occupied Kitchen: Rural farmers unite to feed Wall Street protestors

How rural farmers, an unemployed chef and a protestor named Heather are getting 1,000 dinners served at Occupy Wall Street every night

1. Michael Moore Talks Expansion of Occupy Movement

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2. Goldman Sachs v. Occupy Wall Street: A Greg Palast Investigation

Democracy Now! talks to investigative reporter Greg Palast about a controversy in the banking community around the Occupy Wall Street movement. Palast investigates the story behind Goldman Sachs’ recent decision to pull out of a fundraiser for the Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union in New York City after it learned the event was honoring the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. The investment bank withdrew its name from the fundraiser and also canceled a $5,000 pledge. Was the $5,000 a Goldman Sachs donation or actually American taxpayer bail-out money Goldman set aside for community banks?

For the complete transcript, podcast, and for additional reports on the Occupy Wall Street movement, visit http://www.democracynow.org

Another interview is here : http://youtu.be/Ps5JL268ZQE

3. A powerful statement by hacker Weev:

(link to freeweev.info, his legal defense fund)

5. Audio Slideshow: Perspectives on Occupy Oakland

“What life experiences brought people to join the Occupy Oakland general strike on November 2? And what do they hope Occupy Oakland will accomplish? A sampling of sights and sounds form the day reveals that participants came from a wide range of backgrounds and had different goals for the movement. Brenda Reed of Richmond joined Occupy Oakland because her home was put into foreclosure by Chase bank. She hopes Occupy Oakland will lead to financial reform and an equitable restructuring of our current system. Margaret B., a retired teacher from Richmond, wants Occupy Oakland to help raise consciousness and bring about the overthrow of capitalism. Kyle Kilgore of Berkeley is disabled and wants to see affordable healthcare. He explained that everything he is protesting “falls under the umbrella” of “economic justice.” More broadly, it seems that Kilgore named what ties together those who participated in the general strike: their different perspectives coalesce around a demand for economic justice.”

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