Community spaces can be beautiful, because people are always trying to help. But the image new people have of self-organized projects can be confusing or chaotic, which makes it difficult to see what’s going on, or to get involved.

Teem is a project hub for the commons – projects from community centers to pop-up events that openly share space and resources. It is a web and mobile app where organizers can share images of their community projects, show the vision, activities, and requests, and grow participation sustainably. Because of its participatory design, Teem makes it easy for people to build their vision!

The Teem platform was created over the past two years by a group of activists and academics inspired by what they experienced in communities where organizers include volunteers as peers. The work was coordinated and supported by the project.

Now, Teem is running a global video contest, and everyone is a winner!

To participate, send 1 to 3 project photos with captions to [email protected] by November 21!

We’ll produce a video with everyone’s photos, and promote it far and wide.

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