A key concept for p2p society: Cosmo-Localization

In a recent podcast Jose Ramos introduces the “Know global, fabricate local’ injunction of p2p-based sustainable manufacturing (or the open source circular economy), and calls it cosmo-localization. He “describes the dynamic potentials of the globally distributed knowledge commons in conjunction with emerging capacity for localized production of value”.

He explains that:

“The imperative to create economically and ecologically resilient communities is driving initiatives for ‘re-localization’. Yet, such efforts for re-localization need to be put in the context of new technologies, national policy, transnational knowledge regimes and the wider global knowledge commons.”

“I argue there are six trends that potentiate cosmo-localization:

* emerging global knowledge commons
* new technology
* the maker movement
* urbanization and rise of mega-city regions
* distributed energy production and storage
* resource scarcity, eco integrity and precarity

And there are three identifiable obstacles as well:

* platform oligopoly / netarchical capital
* adjudication of national policy
* global knowledge regimes”

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