A good source on collaboration

Evan Rosen of the Culture of Collaboration, with Joe Solomon, created an interesting collective Twitter feed:

“Micro-blogging can also be used to aggregate content from multiple blogs and sources. Considering that other bloggers have compelling thoughts and ideas about collaboration and realizing the potential for one-stop-shopping for collaboration blogs, Joe Solomon and I created @GoCollaboration on Twitter. I’ve worked with Joe on numerous projects, and he’s a collaborator extraordinaire.

@GoCollaboration includes more than thirty collaboration blogs including The Culture of Collaboration. We’re aggregating everything from the Wikinomics blog and the Learning to Collaborate blog to the Cisco collaboration blog and the Intuit QuickBase blog. @GoCollaboration also includes blogs that are focused on key components of collaboration like Keith Sawyer’s informative Creativity and Innovation blog and the Enterprise 2.0 blog. Besides aggregating this and other blogs, I’m also including my own tweets and conversation on @GoCollaboration.”

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