A festival of openness: join our documentary efforts

Let nobody say we haven’t been working hard at the P2P Foundation!

In our concept of the circulation of the common, i.e. how peer production socially reproduces itself, so that it lasts over time, three elements are crucial.

1) the availability of open and free raw material for social cooperation to occur

2) participatory processes and design which lowers the treshold of participation

3) commons-oriented property formats that guarantee universal access and thereby recreate a new layer of open and free material

These processes have been occuring in every domain of social life, profoundly overturning the logic of our social processes, even if at present they are sill emergent.

Nevertheless, as I went through our Encyclopedia this morning, I was impressed by the wide range of open and free concepts and practices that are already there.

The bad news is: it is becoming more and more time consuming for myself and our cybercollective to keep up, so this is at the same time an appeal: do join our documentary and internetworking efforts. Be part of this revolution and join the festival of openness!

Here’s the list of open concepts and practices. Go here for the links. And write to michelsub2003 at yahoo dot com if you want to help with our efforts.

* Open API
* Open Access
* Open Access Books
* Open Architecture Strategies
* Open Archives
* Open Biology
* Open Business
* Open Business Models
* Open Business Process Initiative
* Open Capital
* Open City Guides
* Open Company Models
* Open Content
* Open Content Licenses
* Open Cores
* Open Courseware Initiative
* Open DRM
* Open Data
* Open Design
* Open Distribution
* Open Document Format
* Open Documentaries
* Open Editorial Meetings
* Open Education
* Open Educational Resources
* Open Fiction
* Open Film Business Models
* Open Futures
* Open Genomics
* Open GeoData
* Open Hardware
* Open Hardware Licence
* Open Health
* Open Infrastructure
* Open Internet
* Open Knowledge
* Open Learning
* Open Licenses
* Open Media Standards
* Open Money
* Open Music Business Models
* Open Music Model
* Open Networked Learning Model
* Open Organization
* Open Peer Review
* Open Peer to Peer Design
* Open Platforms
* Open Politics
* Open Privacy
* Open Problems
* Open Public Data
* Open Radio
* Open Science Licenses
* Open Social Networking Standards
* Open Social Networks
* Open Space Technology
* Open Spectrum
* Open Spreadsheets
* Open Standards
* Open Textbooks
* Open Value Metrics
* Open Value Networks
* Open WAP

Open Source

* Open Source
* Open Source Approaches – Generalities
* Open Source Architecture
* Open Source Beer
* Open Source Biotechnology
* Open Source Business Models
* Open Source Car
* Open Source Cities
* Open Source Commercialization
* Open Source Development Model
* Open Source Disaster Recovery
* Open Source Drug Discovery
* Open Source Ecology
* Open Source Economics
* Open Source Film Making
* Open Source Hardware
* Open Source Industrial Design
* Open Source Initiative
* Open Source Judaism
* Open Source Knowledge Building
* Open Source Leadership
* Open Source Licenses
* Open Source Network Analysis
* Open Source Parking
* Open Source Prospecting
* Open Source Record Label
* Open Source Religion
* Open Source Research
* Open Source Service Companies
* Open Source Software
* Open Source Spying
* Open Source Telephony
* Open Source Unionism
* Open Source Virtual Worlds
* Open Source War
* Open Source Warfare
* Open Source Yoga
* Open Source for Artisans


1. Free Cinema initiative
2. Free Content Definition
3. Free Cultural Works Definition
4. Free Culture
5. Free Culture Movement
6. Free Currencies
7. Free Goods as Civilization Building
8. Free Hardware Design
9. Free Labour
10. Free Maps
11. Free Music Philosophy
12. Free Music Public License
13. Free Networks Movement
14. Free Sheet Music License
15. Free Software
16. Free Software Business Models
17. Free Software Movement
18. Free Software Principles

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