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While the debate on democracy in the European decision making has become a priority in many political public discourses, the very legitimacy of the European project is raised by many as a scapegoat for social policy failures due to austerity measures.

In this context, the quest for democracy in the public sphere does not reflect the reality of workers’ everyday workplace environment, where workers’ voice and representation is ever more threatened.

Worker and social cooperatives, by bringing democracy into the workplace, practice and foster a model where workers are protagonists. When we engage for the benefit of local communities, when we pursue the general interest, when we preserve the industrial heritage of our regions, when we inject economic democracy in enterprise decision-making, we actively fight social exclusion, and counter populism and anti-democratic sentiments.

Our economic model is resilient and future-proof, we take up the challenges of the future of work and we fight for social justice in Europe.

The Europe we have in mind gives voice to its citizens, cherishes entrepreneurial diversity and leaves no one behind.

In the end of May 2019, European citizens will elect the new European Parliament, and here is what cooperatives in the industry and services want for the next parliamentary mandate.
Read our Election manifesto !

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