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Making Sense of the Emerging Economy with Yochai Benkler

The schematic (R) and reality (L) of an open source hardware device called the Keyquencer In my 20s I had the impression that my reality was fundamentally illegible to the academics of the past. Making a living from open source hardware meant I was participating in an international network of people who freely shared their… Continue reading

Binding Chaos – Stigmergy

Part 2 of our series from Binding Chaos the new book by Heather Marsh is the chapter on Stigmergy. Share in any way you like with attribution (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). For Part 1 see Abstract from Binding Chaos, the new book by Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC kamagra in groningen

Launch of new ‘Radical Realities’ zine of the Alternate (G8) Collective in Birmingham

Via Nicolas Ripley: “Alternate have published our first e-zine, Radical Realities, with contributions from John Hilary, Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, Heather Marsh and Michel Bauwens. The Alternate Collective was formed out of Occupy Birmingham, UK. The collective comprises of radical practitioners that promote and publish about democratic and cooperative governance. We aim to propose practical… Continue reading

Alternate G8 Interview on Open Government

This interview appeared in the first issue of the ‘zine’ Radical Realities published by the Alternate (G8) Collective which also features a keynote on peer governance by Heather Marsh. This issue selects transcripts of speakers from the AG8 Conference hosted by the Collective in Birmingham, UK on June 22nd 2013 (mine was a remote intervention… Continue reading

The Approval Economy as an alternative to P2P Trade economies

Heather Marsh describes the logic of the approval economy. Excerpted from “Georgie BC“: “To benefit all of society, an economy needs to be based on service to all of society. In today’s economy, service is bought and sold as a good; instead goods must be provided as a service. An economy benefitting all of society… Continue reading

The fallacy of the dream of Decentralized (P2P) Trade Economies

Trade can’t solve the inequality issues, what we need instead is an approval economy, argues Heather Marsh. See the next installment on April 6 for the description of the logic of an approval economy. Excerpted from Georgie BC: “Peer-to-peer trading is being increasingly explored as a method to cut out corporate control of the trade… Continue reading

Preserving elite knowledge in systems of peer governance

How to deal with elite knowledge, without reverting to Elitism, Celebrity and Oligarchy? The following is excerpted from another brilliant contribution on the development of a peer governance practice and theory, by “Georgie BC” (Heather Marsh). Key thesis: “The key to preventing elite knowledge from becoming a tyrannical oligarchy is to maintain control by the… Continue reading

Post-democratic musings: The problems with democracy

We can do better than this. We can govern by user groups, respect individual rights and global commons, and collaborate using stigmergy and concentric groups. Where necessary, elite expertise can be contained and used through transparent epistemic communities and knowledge bridges while control remains with the user group. Food for thought. Republished from Heather Marsh:… Continue reading

Desktop Regulatory State

The Desktop Regulatory State: The Countervailing Power of Superempowered Individuals The subject of my previous book — The Homebrew Industrial Revolution: A Low Overhead Manifesto — was the way in which falling capital outlays required for both information and material production was eroding the rationale for large organizations, and shifting the balance of power toward… Continue reading