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New Book Out Now: Political Ideas for a New Europe

Our Commons: Political Ideas for a New Europe is a collection of essays, case studies and interviews about the commons, published right before the European Elections of May 2019. The book showcases the wealth of transformative ideas that the international commons movement has to offer. With contributions by Kate Raworth, David Bollier, George Monbiot and many… Continue reading

Shared Spaces: New Paper on Urban Commons (by Commons Network)

Commons Network released the latest publication called ‘Urban Commons Shared Spaces’. The paper is a research project and report, based on 2 years of research in the cities of Berlin and Amsterdam. The paper was co-created with our friends at raumlaborberlin. ‘Shared Spaces’ features many concrete policy ideas for municipal leaders and lawmakers, as well as… Continue reading

From Lab to Commons: Shifting to a Biomedical System that’s in the Public Interest

Commons Network releases a paradigm-breaking paper on practical commons-based alternatives to the EU’s pharmaceutical policies Today Commons Network publishes a new policy paper that takes on the pharmaceutical system and presents real alternatives, based on open source research and the knowledge commons. Commons Network proposes a new vision for the biomedical research system that safeguards… Continue reading

Can the Commons offer a renewed vision for Europe?

This panel discussion was recorded during the recent TransEuropa Festival, held in Madrid. Moderated by European Alternatives‘ Marta Cillero, the panel features Iva Cucik (Belgrade don’t drown), along with my colleague Sophie Bloemen from Commons Network and myself representing the P2P Foundation and the European Commons Assembly. The discussion deals with the political challenges present in… Continue reading

The European Commons Assembly in Madrid for a Renewed Political Force in Europe

The crisis of the European Union begs for new, unifying and constructive narratives – alternatives to the right-wing populist and nationalist wave getting fiercer every day. A commons approach holds the potential for a unified vision towards an alternative economy, a Europe from the bottom up and an ecological economy and way of life. The… Continue reading

Can Commons Thinking Break into the European Mainstream?

As Europeans struggle to deal with their multiple economic and political crises – and now, the unreliable support of the United States – it may be time to consider some serious ideas that go beyond the standard left/right framework and open up some new conversations.  That is the goal of a recent report, “Supporting the… Continue reading

Commons Network Releases Urgent Call To Europe

Commons Network releases its new policy paper for Europe today. It is an urgent plea to Europe and a call to arms for all activists and Europeans. ‘Supporting the Commons: Opportunities in the EU Policy Landscape’ is an appeal to the European Union to truly become an ally to commoners and commons-thinkers. With this paper, Commons Network… Continue reading

Introducing the 7th pillar of DiEM25: An Internet of People – a progressive tech policy for a democratic Europe.

This post by Aral Balkan was originally published on I’m excited to announce that I’ve been elected to the DiEM25 Advisory Panel to help lead a new initiative with Renata Avila to craft DiEM25’s 7th pillar: a progressive tech policy for a democratic Europe.  >Diem 25: The 7th pillar – a progressive tech policy that… Continue reading

Finding Common Ground 7: How the Commons can Revitalise Europe

The commons is an emerging paradigm in Europe embracing co-creation, stewardship, and social and ecological sustainability. Commons perspectives could help to reinvigorate Europe with constructive and concrete policy implications on many terrains. However, much of the current dominant narrative of the EU, focusing on growth, competition, and international trade is in strong contrast with the… Continue reading

Don’t Mourn, Commonify! The European Commons Assembly Convenes

By David Bollier: Across Europe, a vision of the commons has been emerging in the margins for many years.  But now, as the credibility of conventional politics and neoliberal economics plummets, commoners are becoming more visible, assertive and organized. The latest evidence comes from the first meeting of a newly formed European Commons Assembly. More… Continue reading

Supporting the Commons: Opportunities in the EU policy landscape

Executive Summary & Recommendations – Working Paper –  Commons Network, November 2016 Sophie Bloemen & David Hammerstein With support from the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the European Cultural Foundation. Supporting the Commons: Opportunities in the EU policy landscape Major fault lines are starting to appear in the dominant worldview based on individualism, private ownership and an… Continue reading

Finding Common Ground

The latest issue of the Green European Journal on “Finding Common Ground” (Volume 14), originally published here: You may also read the editorial of this issue here. “An investigation into the commons reveals the wide-ranging spectrum of definitions and applications of this concept that exist across Europe. Yet from the numerous local initiatives, social movements,… Continue reading

Commoners hit the capital of Europe: Commons Assembly in Brussels

22 November 2016- In the wake of Trump´s shocking victory and in the midst of a deep EU crisis accelerated by Brexit many commons activists around Europe have reacted with a sense of “Don´t mourn, commonify!”.  The current economic order has left many behind, has alienated many from the establishment and in order to resist… Continue reading

Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy Amsterdam. September 2-3, 2016

Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy Amsterdam. September 2-3, 2016 Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy is a conference integrating conversations and plans of action for shaping and connecting the Commons on a global level. Our final program is listed below,  please join us in Amsterdam! The conference is organized along three tracks:… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Build the City – Perspectives on Commons and Culture

“The freedom to make and remake our cities and ourselves is one of the most precious yet most neglected of our human rights.” – David Harvey, The Right to the City To accompany the IdeaCamp in Stockholm the European Cultural Foundation have released this collection of essays, extracts and interviews Build the City: Perspectives on Commons… Continue reading