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Xavier Comtesse on the new ‘direct territories’

Direct Territories: concept and report by Xavier Comtesse, summarized by Marc Dangeard. It can be downloaded here (French only). “Territories as defined by government have become disconnected from the ecosystems in which people and business live and work. New ways of communicating have created an additional layer on top of these territories and ecosystems, ultimately… Continue reading

Xavier Comtesse on Value Chain 2.0

“When customers are no longer in a passive or self-service mode, but have become active — i.e., operating in a do-it-yourself, co-design or co-creative mode –, the traditional value chain of Michael Porter is no longer effective.” Introduction: Swiss “P2P Business” thinker Xavier Comtesse, whose modelling efforts on the direct economy we have covered before,… Continue reading

Book of the Week: Xavier Comtesse’s Direct Economy, part 2

We continue our exploration of Xavier Comtesse new report/book with a selection of examples. Information on Xavier Comtesse’s work can be found here. Excerpts: LAST November, engineers in the healthcare division of General Electric (GE) unveiled something called the “LightSpeed VCT”, a scanner that can create a startlingly good three-dimensional image of a beating heart…. Continue reading

Book of the Week: Xavier Comtesse’s Direct Economy

Xavier Comtesse has released a report on what he calls the direct economy, and which I would consider the view of participatory economics from the point of view of the corporation seeking hyperproductivity. His report contains insights, analysis, and interesting cases studies, as well as a model of levels of participation, which we are quoting… Continue reading

Modelling the new business practices based on participation

I’m writing a monthly column for the European Center for the European Economy, including a recent one in which I presented the Bauwens Model of Participatory Business Models, a variation on the ladder of participation. This entry has received a erudite response by Angelique van Engelen, which is a recommended read on the monetization of… Continue reading

What kind of economy are we moving to? 3. A hierarchy of engagement between companies and communities

The ladder of Participation I have reworked Roger Hart’s Ladder of Participation to account for the different modalities of community-corporate cooperation and engagement, based on the key variable of who controls the overall framework. Indeed, despite its usefullness, I find that Xavier Comtesse’s approach presents a limited view of use of social innovation by corporations… Continue reading

What kind of economy are we moving to? 2. Overview of the main business models

1. The three business models In P2P theory, I distinguish at least 3 business models that are emerging through peer production. One is precisely that: there is now a sharing economy, where people share value, but mostly from motivations of individual expression and recognition, for which they need platforms, which are proprietary, and fund themselves… Continue reading

The Ladder of Participation: models for interaction between peer projects and institutions

I have had in the past, had the occasion to present Xavier Comtesse’s model of the direct economy, but also critiquing it, as it only presents a one-sided view of use of social innovation by corporations, thereby leaving out autonomous peer production (such as Linux and Wikipedia), and how the institutional world can adapt to… Continue reading

Why crowdsourcing isn’t peer production

As it seems that crowdsourcing is becoming the new buzzword in business circles, it might be useful to stress it difference with what we call peer production. Peer to peer is the relational dynamic at work in distributed networks, with the latter having as requirements the freedom of agents to engage in cooperation. Peer production… Continue reading

Peer production from the point of view of corporations: a hierarchy of engagement

In this post, I’d like to do a thought experiment, in which, on the basis of being inspired by the Direct Economy concept of Xavier Comtesse, extend the model to pure peer production. For background see also the recent discussion on engagement that has been doing the rounds of the Blogosphere. • Consumers: you make,… Continue reading

From Direct Democracy to the Direct Economy

Bruno Giussani recently summarized the important ideas of Xavier Comtesse on the Direct Economy. He writes: “Could “direct democracy” provide a proper metaphor to describe the current economic transformation? Are we heading towards a “direct economy”? In a system of direct democracy, sovereignty is lodged with the citizens – or at least, with those among… Continue reading