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Hilary Wainwright on successfully democratizing public services

“This booklet is about how public service workers, with their fellow community members, are not only defending public services but also struggling to make them democratic and responsive to people’s needs and desires. It is also about how these alliances are working at different levels – local, national and international.” The following is a review… Continue reading

Debating the Partner State (6): Hilary Wainwright on emerging participatory approaches

ANDREW HETRICK reviews Hilary Wainwright’s book, ‘Reclaim the State‘: ““My argument is that the views of knowledge developed in practice, if not in theory, by the democratic social movements of the late 1960s onwards have an unrealised relevance today. They provide some otherwise neglected tools to provide an alternative to the social-engineering state other than… Continue reading

P2P Foundation Essay of the Year: Hilary Wainwright on the Co-Creative Partner State

This key article by Hilary Wainwright on the themes of Co-Creative Labor, Productive Democracy and the Partner State is a very important text to reset government policies for the p2p age. The 3 parts cover: 1 A value revolution in labor; 2 Re-constituting industrial strategies based on co-creative labor; 3 The Co-Creative Economy needs a… Continue reading

Hilary Wainwright on Cooperatising the State

Excerpted from Hilary Wainwright in Red Pepper (UK): “Genuine co-operative alternatives are making headway. The pressure to marketise grows in parallel with the mounting evidence of failure – the Southern Cross care home operator heads a growing list, as patients, users and medical staff become more confident whistle-blowers – but few want to return to… Continue reading

Hilary Wainwright maps the new structures of feeling

Strategies for change should pay attention not only to overt resistance or refusal, not simply to fully articulated opposing values, but also to feelings of unease arising from the tension between official discourse and practical experience. Here can be alternative values and institutions in formation. Excerpted from Hilary Wainwright in Red Pepper. I strongly recommend… Continue reading

Hilary Wainwright on the fakeness of the Big Society

From a right-on editorial in the Guardian. For Hilary’s extensive work on P2P Public Services, see here. The original article has extra links and references. Hilary Wainwright: “David Cameron has invited us to “join the government of Britain”. He pledges to put us into “the driving seat, to take the decisions that affect the life… Continue reading

The commons, the state and the public: A Latin American perspective

What are the commons and what is their political, social and economic relevance? In recent years, many researchers and social activists from very different countries, like myself, have rediscovered the notion of the commons as a key idea to deepen social and environmental justice and democratise both politics and the economy. This reappropriation has meant… Continue reading

Building post-capitalist futures at the Transnational Institute Fellows’ Meeting 2018

Edited by Paige Shipman and Nick Buxton, the following text is republished from the Transnational Institute’s website. Over several sunny days in June 2018, a diverse group of 60 activists and researchers from 30 countries convened for a multi-day meeting to discuss the collective building of post-capitalist futures. The meeting provided the opportunity for a… Continue reading

An Atlas of Real Utopias?

TNI presents its Atlas of Utopias, part of the Transformative Cities initiative, sharing 32 stories of radical transformation that demonstrate that another world is possible, and already exists. Sol Trumbo & Nick Buxton: In an age of Trump and trolls, it may be strange to talk about utopia. Not only has a divisive reactionary right-wing privileged… Continue reading

Robin Murray: a tribute

Ed Mayo, secretary general of Co-operatives UK, pays tribute to Robin Murray (1940-2017), the radical economist, visionary and co-operator, who passed away last week. Originally published in Co-operatives UK. Ed Mayo: Co-operation has always attracted visionary thinkers and Robin Murray, who passed away recently, was one. Robin was an Associate of Co-operatives UK from 2010, alongside… Continue reading

What the P2P Foundation did in 2016

In case you didn’t catch the original, published last week in Commons Transition, here is our 2016 review: Welcome to our annual overview! 2016 has been widely acknowledged as a difficult year, and although we’ve had our share of hardship, it turned to be a very productive period for the P2P Foundation and the wider… Continue reading

Finding Common Ground 6: Constructive confrontation or constructive tension – The State and the Commons

‘Tipping Points’ was the title of the Institute for Political Ecology’s 2016 Green Academy, which brought together academics, politicians, activists and experts from a range of fields to discuss the commons, degrowth, and climate justice and examine how these intersect. During the event, several speakers came together to discuss the commons as a reflection of… Continue reading

Finding Common Ground

The latest issue of the Green European Journal on “Finding Common Ground” (Volume 14), originally published here: You may also read the editorial of this issue here. “An investigation into the commons reveals the wide-ranging spectrum of definitions and applications of this concept that exist across Europe. Yet from the numerous local initiatives, social movements,… Continue reading