Human subjectivity and P2P Usage

A republication of a blog entry from 2006, linking ‘states of consciousness’ to particular perspectives-taking (and thus usage) of p2p networks:

From Chris Lucas, who uses complexity sciences and the spiral dynamics system to distinguish nine different types of connectivity; it all seems very logical and plausible though I have the gravest reservations about coral which seems like a deus-ex-machina solution:

When we look at the 9 vMemes as complex systems, in terms of their connectivity approaches, then we see a number of different styles. At beige the people are isolated from each other, they behave independently as do plants in the wild, here there are no social benefits to speak of, meetings between the individuals are rare and likely to be competitive. Connectivity Matrix At purple the leaders cooperate, bringing a consensus rule to the local group and controlling by loyalty, whilst the tribe loosely associate with each other, giving a ‘symbiosis’ approach for mutual benefit. Yet all groups remain disconnected and local. At red we see the first true hierarchy, with a single leader, aided by underlings, ruling by physical force. In this local society power flows down and resources flow up, the rich take from the poor. Justice here is arbitrary, based upon the whim of the leader, it is a style rich in unpredictability. Many societies compete for power.

Once we get to blue the emphasis changes to a bureaucracy, an inflexible hierarchy based upon the psychologicalorange local two-way transactions between participants comes to the fore, and we gain the benefits of exchange, with a freedom to decide whether or not to accept or make any offer. This is potentially a fully connected and somewhat chaotic matrix with global aspirations. Within the green forces of belief and the strong use of rules or laws to structure justice and order at both local and global levels. At worldview the focus shifts to more intangible ideas and small isolated consensus groups ‘doing their own thing’ as it were, but each competing to try to impose their single value globally upon all. It is a highly modular approach.

A change now occurs as yellow arrives, and the first stage of 2nd tier ‘vision logic’ is seen. These people act as facilitators (shown in white), acting locally to bind together the six 1st tier vMemes and to encourage the use of the most appropriate vMeme. At turquoise networks of such facilitators coordinate actions globally, acting to help make visible and solve the world’s problems. Finally at coral enlightened sages appear who act to instruct those lower on the spiral in ways to progress along their spiritual path to 2nd tier understanding and tolerance.”

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