Open Source Car project maintainer profiled

Bruni Giussani has an interesting article in Business Week, worth reading in full, with the profile of the founder of the Open Source Car project.

Here’s the introductory quote of the article:

Can open-source practices and approaches be applied to make hardware, to create tangible and physical objects, including complex ones? Say, to build a car?

Markus Merz believes they can. The young German is the founder and “maintainer” (that’s the title on his business card) of the OScar project, whose goal is to develop and build a car according to open-source (OS) principles. Merz and his team aren’t going for a super-accessorized SUV—they’re aiming at designing a simple and functionally smart car. And, possibly, along the way, reinvent transportation. After all, “Form follows function”, says Merz.

The OScar is not the only open-source hardware project out there. Others include Zero Prestige, which designs kites and kite-powered vehicles, and Open Prosthetics, which offers free exchange of designs for prosthetic devices. However, OScar is certainly the most ambitious.”

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