Book Review: Scaffolding For A Sustainable P2P Humanity

Scaffolding For A Sustainable P2P Humanity‘ by Nicolas Stampf is a work-in-progress collaborative book on gitbook dealing with the application of systems thinking (VSM etc) to P2P infrastructures. It is fairly general at this point, e.g.:

‘using systems thinking to architect a strength-based systemic global P2P organization aimed at identifying, interconnecting, amplifying and refracting successful solutions, teaching people how to infect others with similar ideas and in the end helping humanity become the best it can be in fair, sustainable and free ways.’

‘We therefore propose to build a global organization using Systems Thinking principles (among others) that have been around since tens of years. Where such principles have been successfully used mostly in business consideration (and at least one governmental situation), it is time to leverage that knowledge and put it to use to the whole humanity.’

The ‘governmental situation’ is Project Cybersyn, so basically it would be to build up-to-date locally modified versions of that for the common good.


‘We propose to use the team syntegrity systemic method to allow field matter and p2p experts to interact together in the most efficient way in order to design a roadmap to allow for a full blown transition from the current world to a more if not full p2p mankind.’

They need:

‘Systems Thinkers to further refine the systemic aspects of this proposal or clarify it; Field workers in NGOs or local associations to challenge our thinking and improve the proposal on how an organization like the one we envision could help contribute and deliver its value; P2P and Commons researchers to inform this proposal about that aspect and how to connect Commons and those in need.’

Being a collaborative document on GitBook, I was enthused to correct some of the errors and lack of good style in the English (the author is French), but it turns out GitBook is horrible to use and super-complicated for a newcomer, plus there appears to be no simple ‘getting started’ guide, which is a shame as it also seems like a very good idea in theory. I’m sure if anyone would like to collaborate on the project they will be warmly welcomed.

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  1. AvatarNicolas Stampf

    Thanks for the review. I wasn’t notified of your corrections (and thanks for the help!). I’m currently reviewing the wording of the doc but would welcome any improvements!

  2. AvatarGuy James

    I tried to notify you but I have no idea how Gitbook works and there is apparently no tutorial about modifying other people’s books, only on starting your own Gitbook. Since then I have started learning Git itself so if it’s possible I should soon be able to do it via Git without using Gitbook.

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