4 Comments Where does food come from? (Canada)

  1. Avatarsabine relation

    Wow! That’s amazing! I really don’t think people know all this when they fill up the basket at the local supermarket. But it’s true that we should become more aware and think further than our hunger.

  2. AvatarPatrick Anderson

    This is terrifying, but easily solved if we will wake-up to a few facts:

    Farmers are also playing the game of Capitalism – trying to keep price above cost while simultaneously holding massive debt that causes most of their profit to be flow directly to the parasitic bankers.

    We, the people of each nation, state and city must become organized and brave enough to collectively purchase and OWN the Land and Capital necessary for such production.

    If we, the consumers will cooperatively OWN these Means of Production, we will have enough money between us to pay-off that debt almost immediately while we can hire the same farmer to work that ground at an even better wage than he had been receiving and STILL we will pay less because we will then never be paying the unnecessary burden of profit caused when ownership is not in our hands.

    Please think about it. We are running out of time.

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