Beyond netarchical capitalist platforms: The GNU MediaGoblin project


Our thesis here in the P2P Foundation is that netarchical capitalists , such as the Facebook or Google, abandon direct production and instead create and maintain platforms which allow people to produce. They rely much more marginally on intellectual property protection, but rather allow P2P communication while they control its possible monetization through their ownership of the platforms for such communication. Typically, the front-end is P2P, i.e. it allows P2P sociality, but the back-end is controlled, the design is in the hands of the owners, as are the private data of the users, and it is the attention of the user-base that is marketed through advertising. The financialization of cooperation is still the name of the game.

GNU MediaGlobin promises to change the name of the social networking game by introducing a free software media publishing system for the web. MediaGlobin is a freedom-respecting replacement for sites like Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Thingiverse. We deem that their goal might sound ambitious but it is worth supporting. After all, how would the FOSS projects or the Wikipedia one sound some years ago, if not (over)ambitious?

Watch a 3-minute long video of the MediaGlobin project and support its campaign here.

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