Podcast of the Day/C-Realm: Douglas Rushkoff on… Everything!

Excerpted from the C-Realm Podcast:

Douglas Rushkoff @ Code Academy

KMO welcomes Douglas Rushkoff back to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about the themes of his most recent book, Present Shock: When Everything Happens now, and between tangets related to Scientology, the IRS, Colbert Report schwag, ceremonial magick, the faded out look of rock stars who’ve had their juju drained by millions of adoring fans and the little known collapse of WTC Building 12 on 9/11, they do manage to make at least passing reference to the themes of Doug’s book. KMO ends with listener feedback on last week’s conversation with Guy McPherson and announcements about the upcoming 2013 Age of Limits gathering and an Evolver NYC event, The Singularity is Where?

Music by Mamie Minch.






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