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Is Open Design a Viable Economic Practice?

BY ALEX PAZAITIS | JUNIOR RESEARCH FELLOW, TALLINN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY CORE MEMBER, P2P LAB It has been roughly a decade after the days that people first discussed Open Design. It has hitherto evolved from a concept, to a movement, to a viable business choice. The RepRap 3D printer has been one of the first and… Continue reading

The Evolving Business Strategy Of A Community In The First Chinese Makerspace

An Interview With Eduardo Alarcon Gallo By Prof Avril Accolla, Tongji University In these almost ten years 创客 chuangke (Chinese for makerspace) have boosted, shrunk, evolved. In 2019 the panorama is capillary diversified throughout the country: the strong policies of incentives actuated by the government starting from 2015 and the great diversity of the cultural… Continue reading