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Who Owns The World? The 5th conference on Platform Cooperativism

Check out Who Owns The World?, the fifth conference on “platform cooperativism,” November 7-9, 2019 at The New School. We are convening one hundred fifty speakers from over thirty countries to meet each other, co-design, and learn about a wide range of topics:  worker power in the platform economy, antitrust, misogyny and racism in co-ops,… Continue reading

Prospective future of platform cooperatives: my takeaways from Reshaping Work Barcelona 2019

I was one of the Ouishare members that volunteered for the organization of the first regional Reshaping Work event in Barcelona. In my view, it was an outstanding event because of its excellent content selection and format design, and it certainly had a remarkable impact in the Spanish media. I would like to focus, nevertheless,… Continue reading