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A Brief History of Systems Science, Chaos and Complexity

Since the beginning in the 1950s, when people like Ludwig von Bertalanffy and Kenneth Boulding developed the field of ‘General Systems Theory’ and Norbert Wiener, Gregory Bateson and others developed the field of ‘Cybernetics’, and Jay Forrester developed ‘systems dynamics’ there have been many attempts to break free from the reductionist paradigm and develop a… Continue reading

Public-Common Partnerships: Building New Circuits of Collective Ownership

This post by Keir Milburn and Bertie Russell was originally published on Executive summary This report introduces a new institutional framework for a transformative socialist politics: the Public-Common Partnership (PCP). Whilst the era of new public-private partnerships in the UK has apparently come to an end, more than £199 billion of Public Private Partnership… Continue reading