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World Social Forum of Transformative Economies – 1st International Meeting

The international preparatory meeting for the WSFTE 2020 was held in April, 2019, in Barcelona From the RIPESS page: “More than 300 people from 46 different countries will meet from 5th to 7th April at the University of Barcelona, in the first international preparatory meeting for the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies 2020 (WSFTE 2020). It… Continue reading

Organising for the right to housing in London

Housing in London is a miserable experience for many, and it is most miserable of all for private renters. For years private rented living conditions in the capital have been getting worse, while rents have soared to double what they are in the rest of the country. Slum landlordism has returned with a vengeance, and… Continue reading

OD&M: Designing for Sustainable Economic Transformations

By Chris Giotitsas and Alex Pazaitis. There is much hype around circular and collaborative economies over the past few years. From Davos to the European Union, everyone is eager to grab a piece of the new mode of industrial development. But what lies beneath these grand narratives? In this 3-part short series we attempt to… Continue reading


While transforming food and agriculture to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is becoming increasingly urgent, ‘smart farming’ appears to many as an attractive way to achieve sustainability, not least in terms of profit. In the European Commission’s plan, the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is intended to fund the huge investments this 3.0 agri-revolution… Continue reading

Mapping the results of the EU election: some preliminary reflections on the social challenges

Philippe Pochet, General director ETUI: The results of the recent European elections give us a very complex picture at the EU and national level. The common interpretation is that there was a lower than expected rise of the extreme right and populist parties in Europe and that the green and liberal parties have been the… Continue reading

How To Thrive In the Next Economy: Preface to the Chinese edition

A cultural disconnection between the man-made world and the biosphere lies behind the grave challenges we face today. We either don’t think about rivers, soils, and biodiversity at all – or we treat them as resources whose only purpose is to feed the economy. This ‘metabolic rift’ – between the living world, and the economic… Continue reading

Ecofeminism to Escape Collapse

Maria Mediavilla: Feminism has gained a very strong following in Spain in recent years, as the massive feminist demonstrations of March 8th of 2018 and 2019 showed, and I would dare to say that much of its success is due to the popularity of the ecofeminist message and the slogan “put life at the center”… Continue reading