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Michel Bauwens: I very strongly believe this is one of the key solutions for climate change mitigation, and more generally, about creating ‘circular finance’ mechanisms, i.e. rewarding generative, rather than extractive activity. Capitalism rewards extractive activities, but has a great structural difficulty in financing generative impacts. One of the potential solutions are ‘circular finance’ mechanisms,… Continue reading

Correlations of Intentional Community Theory to Reality

Michel Bauwens: Here is an excellent article on communities from Allen Butcher. A. Allen Butcher • The School of Intentioneering • [email protected] • February 24, 2019 This paper (of 8,384 words) was first published as a blog post at: serving as a preview of the material to appear in a forthcoming book. For a… Continue reading

The Seven Super Powers of Futurists

This post by Sohail Inayatullah is republished from Journal of Future Studies When tomorrow is just like today, boredom can result. We seek novelty. However, in this phase in human history, tomorrow will certainly not be like today. Indeed, we are in the midst of dramatic social and technological change. This includes: A demographic shift… Continue reading

78 Questions to Ask about Any Technology

Republished from “78 Reasonable Questions to Ask about Any Technology” is from the book “Turning Away from Technology” by Stephanie Mills and originally derived from 76 questions that were written by Jacques Ellul.A great video commentary by Jacques Ellul called “The Betrayal by Technology” can be found here. A print version (PDF) of these… Continue reading

Project Of The Day: Decentralized Society Research Project

In January, I began a series of MOOCs on social entrepreneurship. One of the courses focuses on Business Models. My interest is in applying the Open Value Network Model to social entrepreneurship. All of the courses emphasize “scaling” the business. I suggested previously that developing economies of scope might be a better aim. The courses… Continue reading

Why sustainability is no longer enough, yet still very important on the road to regeneration

Redesigning the human impact on Earth, bioregion by bioregion For many people achieving sustainability might seem already like a visionary goal that is difficult to reach. Yet, we need to do even better to respond adequately to the converging crises ahead. Just looking at the situation with regard to climate change alone, we have to… Continue reading

Jamundi, Colombia: Trade union leads defense of water as a human right

In the municipality of Jamundí, Colombia, local politicians were pushing to privatize the water service provided by public utility ACUAVALLE by waging a media campaign to discredit it. If successful, this would have seriously affected access to water for local people, 94% of whom are on low-incomes. However led by the utility’s union, Sintracuavalle, pressure… Continue reading

Revision 18 – Ela Kagel: Blockchain, Cooperatives and Alt-Governance

Ela Kagel was invited to co-host a fish bowl event on Blockchain, Cooperatives and Distributed Governance, together with Resonate Coop-founder Peter Harris. This fishbowl conversation was part of the Revision 2018 conference, held in Berlin, Germany on Nov 19-20, 2018. Ela and Peter started off the conversation by introducing two showcases, RChain Europe cooperative and… Continue reading

Culture For The Many? Intellectual Property and Financing ‘Our’ Cultural Commons

This post by CultureBankED / Liam Murphy is republished from   Photo by Ron Guest 1. Versions Of Culture Nothing, beyond the natural world happens ‘outside of culture’ and even our basic elements of existence — atoms, cells, time, chemistry, etc can be fundamentally manipulated and altered by it. For that reason, defining what we mean by… Continue reading

Cultural Creative Spaces and Cities Conference, Brussels, April 4th

CONFERENCE: Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities Thursday, 4 April 2019​La Tricoterie, Brussels, Belgium This conference is not a regular one. It’s the launching event of a 2-year experimental project involving cultural and creative spaces and policymakers. Brought together by a consortium of ten forward-looking organisations, dozens of stakeholders across Europe will explore how participatory… Continue reading

Two Questions Could Help Save Us From Collapse

This post by John Boik is republished from It’s hard to believe that current systems are the best we can do. They appear dysfunctional now and suicidal in the long run. It’s time to investigate what might work best. It’s not news that human civilization and ecosystems are at risk of collapse in our… Continue reading

Party Time? A contribution to an exchange on A World Political Party: The Time Has Come

This post by Vicki Assevero is republished from Great Transition Initiative When I first read Heikki Patomäki’s essay, I felt like cheering. A call to action, instead of more words and analyses of our common predicament, about which those in this list-serv already know so much. However, early on, Heikki pulled back: “For many reasons,… Continue reading

Celebrating Bernard’s Inspiration

Bernard Lietaer was one of the great thinkers about money in our time, who played a role in co-designing various important monetary experiments, and could integrate our current moment in a larger history of value exchange. Many people , including in the P2P Foundation, have learned a lot from his insights. We are very sad… Continue reading

‘Environ-Mental Health’ – a dialogue with Nora Bateson

My name is Daryl Taylor and I’m hosting a major open public forum: ‘Environ-Mental Health’ on Saturday 23 February 2019, from 1:00 to 6:30pm Click here for booking featuring special guest Nora Bateson Nora Bateson , based in Sweden and the USA, is an award-winning filmmaker, social justice-oriented systems thinker, writer and educator. Her work asks… Continue reading


RECONSIDERING BLOCKCHAIN 19th February 2019, 10:00 – 17:30Maison Suger, 16 -18 Rue Suger – 75006 Paris [REGISTRATION REQUIRED] Click here for downloading the PDF of this Workshop This one-day workshop is intended to re-address the issues related to the Blockchain in the current context of the Anthropocene. Issues such as ecological impact, entropy in the… Continue reading

A Common Right: Scotland

Reposted from Land Rights Now Campaign (Youtube) Sarah Boden decided it was time to swap her busy London life as a music journalist in order to reconnect to the land and community life on the Scottish Isle of Eigg. Thanks to the community’s buy-out of the Island in 1997, it was all made possible. This… Continue reading