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Amsterdam, Netherlands: Derelict church becomes vibrant community hub

Affordable rental space for creative or social uses in Amsterdam is rare, which impacts youth, elderly people and minorities who have few places to meet for social and community activities. Now a former Catholic church in the Waterlandpleinbuurt neighbourhood is providing members of community organization Stichting Bildung with a soon-to-be fully functioning neighbourhood living room…. Continue reading

Amin Yosyo on the Smangus Aboriginal Community Labor Cooperative in Taiwan

This presentation at the Platform Coop Conference in Hong Kong 2018 shows how an aboriginal community that was bleeding out its young, completely recovered by adapting to a cooperative strategy, choosing technological and value sovereignty to recreate community and cohesion. Platform Cooperativism Consortium 2018, Sept 28 | Day 1 Showcases I: Coops and Platform Conversions… Continue reading

Toward an Ecological Civilization

Very much worth watching and hearing: civilisational systems have their stories and narratives, and they matter as these patterns of meaning drive our reactive capacities to challenges. Which new one do we need now ? Toward an Ecological Civilization: A talk given by Jeremy Lent at the Parliament of World Religions, Toronto, November 2018Part of… Continue reading

Transition to a Political Economy for People and Planet

In the summer of 2017, Synergia launched its first Summer Institute, an intensive two week program at Monte Ginezzo in Tuscany. Entitled Transition to Political Economy for People & Planet, the program involved twenty seven people – activists, scholars, policy makers, and practitioners from around the world. This video documents their experience and insights. Synergia… Continue reading

Legal Rebel, Janelle Orsi, Transforms the Way We Think About Leadership

Republished from About This Episode In 2010, The American Bar Association named Janelle Orsi a Legal Rebel, for being an attorney who is remaking the legal profession through the power of innovation. We agree- Janelle is a rebel with a cause, transforming the way we think about leadership in this shifting economy. From participatory… Continue reading

Shared Spaces: New Paper on Urban Commons (by Commons Network)

Commons Network released the latest publication called ‘Urban Commons Shared Spaces’. The paper is a research project and report, based on 2 years of research in the cities of Berlin and Amsterdam. The paper was co-created with our friends at raumlaborberlin. ‘Shared Spaces’ features many concrete policy ideas for municipal leaders and lawmakers, as well as… Continue reading

“Public Ownership and Building the Next Energy System” At The Climate Futures Conference

Next System Project research associate Johanna Bozuwa was among the panelists at the “Climate Futures, Design and the Just Transition” conference November 9-10 at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. The two-day conference brought together a range of scholars and activists to map some of the different ways the search for… Continue reading

Courage Before Hope: A Proposal to Weave Emotional and Economic Microsolidarity

Or: What To Do in the Last Decade of the Anthropocene I’ve spent most of the past 2 years travelling with my partner Nati, trying to discover what is the most strategic & wise action to take in a world that seems to be accelerating towards collapse. After an enormous amount of consideration, I have… Continue reading

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Dr. Paul Yeboah: Region-wide Permaculture Economic Development

Reposted from Earth Repair Radio with Andrew Millison This episode looks at the successful and ongoing story of the Ghana Permaculture Institute and their work in creating region-wide economic development using permaculture strategies. Dr. Paul Yeboah has not only restored the fertility and the water table of his 30 acre demonstration site, but he has… Continue reading

Economic Growth in mitigation scenarios: A blind spot in climate science

Kai Kuhnhen, Heinrich Böll Foundation : Climate change mitigation scenarios are important instruments for developing pathways towards a climate-friendly world. They form the basis for political and social negotiations regarding the climate protection measures to be adopted. Unfortunately, current mitigation scenarios follow a path of economic growth because underlying socioeconomic assumptions assume further economic growth,… Continue reading

Michel Bauwens on Technological Sovereignty in the Transition from a Marxist Capitalism to a Proudhonian Capitalism

Michel Bauwens: My keynote presentation for the platform cooperativism conference in Hong Kong, an argument that technology is NOT NEUTRAL, but the result of human design and therefore, to the values and interests of human groups Today, four socio-technical systems are competing for dominance, two of them extractive towards communities and resources, two of them… Continue reading

Cadiz, Spain: Roundtable on the Energy Transition

In May 2015, a coalition of citizen-candidates, Por Cádiz Sí Se Puede (For Cádiz, Yes We Can) and Ganar Cádiz (Win Cádiz) was elected to municipal government, with renewable energy as its platform. One of the new municipal government’s main objectives was to take advantage of local resources – the port and shipyards – to… Continue reading

PIGS, from crisis to self-organisation

This article by Tiago Mota Saraiva is an excerpt from the book Funding the Cooperative City: Community Finance and the Economy of Civic Spaces. Reposted from Southern European countries were among the hardest hit by the 2008 economic crisis. In response to the economic pressure, declining public services and drastic unemployment situation generated by the… Continue reading

Cooperation Jackson: Building a Social and Solidarity Economy

In Jackson, Mississippi, Cooperation Jackson are building a solidarity economy, anchored by a network of cooperatives and worker-owned, democratically self-managed enterprises. This visionary project not only continues the historic Afro-American struggle for land, but shows how we can all make a just transition to a zero carbon, zero waste economy ourselves. Above you will find… Continue reading

What Italian cities can teach us about how to establish urban commons – and their value

Reposted from The Alternative UK We are interested in talk about “establishing the commons” at A/UK, because the concept implies a very active form of citizenship. People may transact through the marketplace, or they may rely on the state, but they are actively responsible for a commons. It’s a resource which is both maintained and… Continue reading