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“Public Ownership and Building the Next Energy System” At The Climate Futures Conference

Next System Project research associate Johanna Bozuwa was among the panelists at the “Climate Futures, Design and the Just Transition” conference November 9-10 at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. The two-day conference brought together a range of scholars and activists to map some of the different ways the search for… Continue reading

Oscoin: A P2P Alternative for OSS Collaboration by Eleftherios Diakomichalis at Web3 Summit 2018

New ways to collaborate on code Oscoin: Principles & Motivation When we started Oscoin, our motivation was guided by the observation that crypto-currencies could enable a new form of community-owned and operated network. The invention of digital scarcity1 made it possible to economically incentivize and remunerate network participants for their service in a simple,transparent way,… Continue reading

Dr. Paul Yeboah: Region-wide Permaculture Economic Development

Reposted from Earth Repair Radio with Andrew Millison This episode looks at the successful and ongoing story of the Ghana Permaculture Institute and their work in creating region-wide economic development using permaculture strategies. Dr. Paul Yeboah has not only restored the fertility and the water table of his 30 acre demonstration site, but he has… Continue reading

Economic Growth in mitigation scenarios: A blind spot in climate science

Kai Kuhnhen, Heinrich Böll Foundation : Climate change mitigation scenarios are important instruments for developing pathways towards a climate-friendly world. They form the basis for political and social negotiations regarding the climate protection measures to be adopted. Unfortunately, current mitigation scenarios follow a path of economic growth because underlying socioeconomic assumptions assume further economic growth,… Continue reading

Michel Bauwens on Technological Sovereignty in the Transition from a Marxist Capitalism to a Proudhonian Capitalism

Michel Bauwens: My keynote presentation for the platform cooperativism conference in Hong Kong, an argument that technology is NOT NEUTRAL, but the result of human design and therefore, to the values and interests of human groups Today, four socio-technical systems are competing for dominance, two of them extractive towards communities and resources, two of them… Continue reading

Cadiz, Spain: Roundtable on the Energy Transition

In May 2015, a coalition of citizen-candidates, Por Cádiz Sí Se Puede (For Cádiz, Yes We Can) and Ganar Cádiz (Win Cádiz) was elected to municipal government, with renewable energy as its platform. One of the new municipal government’s main objectives was to take advantage of local resources – the port and shipyards – to… Continue reading

PIGS, from crisis to self-organisation

This article by Tiago Mota Saraiva is an excerpt from the book Funding the Cooperative City: Community Finance and the Economy of Civic Spaces. Reposted from Southern European countries were among the hardest hit by the 2008 economic crisis. In response to the economic pressure, declining public services and drastic unemployment situation generated by the… Continue reading

Cooperation Jackson: Building a Social and Solidarity Economy

In Jackson, Mississippi, Cooperation Jackson are building a solidarity economy, anchored by a network of cooperatives and worker-owned, democratically self-managed enterprises. This visionary project not only continues the historic Afro-American struggle for land, but shows how we can all make a just transition to a zero carbon, zero waste economy ourselves. Above you will find… Continue reading

What Italian cities can teach us about how to establish urban commons – and their value

Reposted from The Alternative UK We are interested in talk about “establishing the commons” at A/UK, because the concept implies a very active form of citizenship. People may transact through the marketplace, or they may rely on the state, but they are actively responsible for a commons. It’s a resource which is both maintained and… Continue reading

What is the future we need?

The Future We Need: We are a global movement. We believe minerals, natural resources and the commons are a shared inheritance. It is our duty to ensure future generations inherit at least as much as we did. If we fulfill our duty, we may enjoy the fruits of our inheritance. A loss is a loss… Continue reading

Let’s train humans first…before we train machines

Reposted from Hazel Henderson’s blog Hazel Henderson: Billions are spent by governments, corporations and investors in training computer-based algorithms (i.e. computer programs) in today’s mindless rush to create so-called “artificial” intelligence, widely advertised as AI. Meanwhile, training our children and their brains (already superior to computer algorithms) is under-funded, schools are dilapidated, sited in run-down,… Continue reading

New York City Shouldn’t Regulate Ride-Hailing Apps – It Should Compete With Them

This post by Devin Balkind is reposted from Gotham Gazette Smartphones are transforming transit in cities all over the world, and city governments are struggling to figure out how to best manage the change. If the world was looking to New York City’s recently enacted legislation affecting for-hire vehicle companies, then there will be disappointment… Continue reading

Regulating the Urban Commons – What we can learn from Italian experiences

Reposted from The international debate on the commons has a long history but only in recent years has it started gearing towards the definition of Urban Commons and what their role is in shaping our society, especially at the wake of the economic crisis. This debate developed strongly in Italy as a result of… Continue reading