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Alanna Irving on Tools for Value Sovereignty

Founder of multiple tech companies, Alanna Irving presents an alternative money story, offering practical tools for radical financial transparency, trust and participation. This video was filmed at New Frontiers / Te Tūhura Nuku – November 2018 in Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

Creating the everyday commons: The need to consider space in sharing initiatives

Cross posted from Shareable. Eleni Katrini: Analysis: Imagine living in a neighborhood where you can learn from your neighbors, grow your own food, participate in your child’s education, and invest back to your community’s well-being through your daily transactions. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in or already involved in a community garden, daycare… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Open and Collaborative Developments

Open and Collaborative Developments by Patrick Van Zwanenberg, Mariano Fressoli, Valeria Arza, Adrian Smith and Anabel Marin. Download PDF Experimentation with radically open and collaborative ways of producing knowledge and material artefacts can be found everywhere – from the free/libre and open-source software movement to citizen science initiatives, and from community-based fabrication labs and makerspaces to the production of… Continue reading

Unions and the Gig-Economy: The Case of AirBnB

In this article, reposted from Socialist Project, Steven Tufts examines union reactions to sharewashing platforms. Steven Tufts: The so-called gig-economy is celebrated, maligned, fetishized, and qualified by analysts. Whether it is called the collaborative, platform, crowd-sourcing, or sharing-economy, the rise of peer-to-peer exchanges does raise important questions for workers. Do emerging ‘sharing-economy’ platforms such as Uber and Airbnb mark… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet

Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet by Yasha Levine. In this fascinating book, investigative reporter Yasha Levine uncovers the secret origins of the internet, tracing it back to a Pentagon counterinsurgency surveillance project. A visionary intelligence officer, William Godel, realized that the key to winning the war in Vietnam was not outgunning… Continue reading

Kevin Carson on vulgar libertarianism and the P2P Revolution

One of the biggest drawbacks of thinking in “vulgar libertarian” fashion is that you forget that there were ever alternatives available to people, that the way that we live now or the way we’re used to living is the only way that was ever reasonable or good. The rise of the modern state marks a… Continue reading

Pat Kane on Future Fest, Play, Music and Activism

In this episode we are speaking with Pat Kane the founding curator of Future Fest. He discusses his relationship between music and his professional life. Pat also discusses with us how he grew into his profession with education and how he was able to apply it to music. Pat attended Glastonbury University and obtained a degree… Continue reading

Building an Agrarian Commons: Learning from Farmers & Community Organizers

Agrarian Trust staff had the pleasure of meeting with farmers, landowners, and organizers at in late October. We learned a lot from our colleagues in the Hudson Valley and reflected on the economic and social aspects of our beginning agrarian commons work. Above all, it was an honor to spend time with organizations and people engaged in… Continue reading

ANYI: A Dcentralized Social Network System Constituted by Personal Information Units

Originally published on Github Dehui Chen: This is an idea about a new model of social network, to solve some common problems we have on the current social network platforms, such as data safety, the life span of personal data, distribution of personal data, fake news…this new model can also bring new features that we… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Handbook of Food as a Commons

By Jose Luis Vivero-Pol (Editor), Tomaso Ferrando (Editor), Olivier De Schutter (Editor), Ugo Mattei (Editor) From the scientific and industrial revolution to the present day, food – an essential element of life – has been progressively transformed into a private, transnational, mono-dimensional commodity of mass consumption for a global market. But over the last decade… Continue reading

We Guild: a peer to peer social safety network

We-Guild is a project to develop a platform for self-employed people to get sick-pay. A platform where everyone you trust chips in when you need it in exchange of you chipping in for them when they need it. Watch the video if you haven’t already and visit our site for further info: Remember that… Continue reading

Spazio 13 – School revitalisation for social inclusion

Rossella Ferorelli introduces us to Spazio13: a real connector in the city of Bari, a container of innovation open to everybody, a space where everyone can become the protagonist of a change. Spazio 13 is Bari’s good practice for Com.unity.lab network.Com.unity.lab is an European consortium within the framework of the URBACT programme. The main policy… Continue reading

Why Ecosocialism: For a Red-Green Future

Republished from Michael Loewy: The capitalist system, driven at its core by the maximization of profit, regardless of social and ecological costs, is incompatible with a just and sustainable future. Ecosocialism offers a radical alternative that puts social and ecological well-being first. Attuned to the links between the exploitation of labor and the exploitation… Continue reading

Michel Bauwens: Commons and Blockchain

Reposted from Parallel 38º on Michel Bauwens, founder of P2P Foundation, had a fireside chat in the Commons Foundation Korea office on Oct 2. Titled “Blockchain and commons, the connecting link” the discussion focused mostly on the origin of commons and the open source movement. Michel Bauwens interview in Germany during the meetup of… Continue reading

Community potlucks: Shared meals help build deep ties among residents in Totnes

Cross posted from Shareable Mirella Ferraz:  Since 2013, the Network of Wellbeing, where I work, has hosted community potlucks in Totnes, a small town in the south of England. These potlucks, which are open to all, have been helping build friendships among residents since day one. We started the potlucks because we realized that there… Continue reading