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Building post-capitalist futures at the Transnational Institute Fellows’ Meeting 2018

Edited by Paige Shipman and Nick Buxton, the following text is republished from the Transnational Institute’s website. Over several sunny days in June 2018, a diverse group of 60 activists and researchers from 30 countries convened for a multi-day meeting to discuss the collective building of post-capitalist futures. The meeting provided the opportunity for a… Continue reading

AgtechTakeback | Digital Consolidation – Entrenching Agrichemical Companies & Industrial Ag?

Jason Davidson: Digital agriculture, broadly defined as the use of mass amounts of data to influence decision-making on farms, has incredible potential to make farms more economically and ecologically sustainable.  However, it also poses risks to the privacy, profitability and independence of farmers. This emerging industry is rapidly growing. Already, the same four mega-corporations that dominate the… Continue reading

Cosmolocalism in Nutshell

In the midst of a systemic crisis, it is imperative to create evidence-based awareness of new capitalist and post-capitalist futures. COSMOLOCALISM will advance our understanding of how to create a sustainable economy through the commons. Find out more on the Cosmolocalism Website. Extended summary COSMOLOCALISM will document, analyze, test, evaluate, and create awareness about an emerging mode… Continue reading

System Reset to Sustainable Manufacturing

Disruptive Innovation Festival – DIF: Imagine if we built an economic system built on abundance rather than scarcity. Taking advantage of the latest digital tools, computational power, material science, biomimicry and a somewhat older idea – the commons – this new system could have the power to transform how we live and work. System Reset… Continue reading

Own The Change: Building Economic Democracy One Worker Co-op at a Time

The following is reposted from TESA Collective’s website. The worker cooperative movement is flourishing. That’s because there’s a growing understanding that the economy and the businesses we work in would fair better if they were owned and run by the people. But starting a worker co-op is difficult, and the process can be daunting. That’s… Continue reading

I Used to Argue for UBI. Then I gave a talk at Uber.

In 2016, I was invited to Uber’s headquarters (then in San Francisco) to talk about the failings of the digital economy and what could be done about it. Silicon Valley firms are the only corporations I know that ask for private talks for free. They don’t even cover cab fare. Like Google and Facebook, Uber… Continue reading

Just another Cyber Monday: Amazing Amazon and the best deal ever

When you get something at 80% off on Amazon, who do you think wins — you or Amazon? If you think that’s a strange question, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Maybe it’s time we re:Invent some things. But, how can possibly getting a huge discount be bad? It’s not, if you actually need what you’re buying, and… Continue reading

Creating a vibrant local food ecosystem through government-NGO collaboration

Cross-posted from Shareable This article was adapted from our latest book, “Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons.” Download your free pdf copy today. Myriam Bouré: Up until a few years ago, the residents of Loos-en-Gohelle, a small town in rural northwestern France with over 6,000 residents, consumed imported industrial food products despite significant local production. In addition to… Continue reading

Tools for Collective Self-Governance: A Nonprofit Democracy Network Gathering

March 27-29, 2019 Oakland, California Application due December 5th, 2018 The Nonprofit Democracy Network is a community of practice and peer support network for organizations working to make their organizations – and the broader nonprofit sector – more liberatory and transformative. We want the nonprofit sector to be more effective at creating a just, joyful, and sustainable world…. Continue reading

OPEN 2018 – Narrative debate: Putting the employees in charge

In the final narrative session, and keynote debate of OPEN 2018, Niki Okuk, Founder of Rco Tires, Guy Watson, Founder and Chair of Riverford Organic and Indra Adnam discuss how we can challenge the dominant model of capitalist business and the de facto pyramid structure of management in order to enable a more equitable society…. Continue reading

Res Publica ex Machina: On Neocybernetic Governance and the End of Politics

Reposted from Institute of Network Cultures By FELIX MASCHEWSKI & ANNA-VERENA NOSTHOFF: In 2017, Denmark sent the first digital ambassador, Casper Klynge, to Silicon Valley. The aim of this move of ‘techplomacy’ was, as Klynge explained, not simply to distribute greetings notes by the Danish queen. Rather, the intention was to ‘update diplomacy’ based on… Continue reading

Stop the EU’s Services Notification Procedure – municipalities need democratic space to protect the interests of citizens!

Reposted from A coalition of more than 75 civil society groups, unions, mayors and progressive parties running major European cities has come out to oppose a controversial proposed EU directive that has been pushed by business lobbies and would create major new obstacles for progressive municipal policies and initiatives. To sign the statement, send… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Interactive Cities

A Roadmap to Digital Urban Governance This publication is an output of the Interactive Cities URBACT network that explored how digital, social media and user generated content can improve today´s urban management in European cities, whatever size. This challenge has been tackled in two ways. This challenge has been tackled in two ways. Firstly, as an opportunity… Continue reading

Berlin, Germany: Berliners defy government and win water remunicipalisation

In 1999 a small group of Berliners found out that almost 50% of shares in the Berlin Water Works had been covertly sold to Veolia and RWE as part of a public-private partnership deal. After demanding a referendum so that citizens could vote to see the secret contract, the Berlin city government felt under so… Continue reading

The Work Revolution: How Freelancers Got a Union

Freelancers Union promotes the interests of independent workers through advocacy, education, and services. Nearly one in three working Americans is an independent worker. That’s 53 million people – and growing. We’re lawyers and nannies. We’re graphic designers and temps. We’re the future of the economy. And we’re stronger together than we are alone. Freelancers Union… Continue reading

Podcast: Thomas Rippel, using a blockchain to help Farmland Stewardship Organisations grow

Reposted from Investing in Regenerative Agriculture Welcome to Investing in Regenerative Agriculture. Where I interview key players in the field of regenerative agriculture, people who are scaling up the sector by bringing in new money or scaling up the practises on the ground. Observations from the podcast: – A lot of speculative cash has moved… Continue reading