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Crowdfund: Support BEK, an autonomous space for free sociocultural activities

BEK – AUTONOMOUS SPACE FOR FREE SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES When talking about our story, first of all, we want to emphasize that one day, hopefully soon, this will really become OUR story. A story of all included, anyone who wants to participate, a story of a community that builds its own part of a… Continue reading

How nonprofits are organizing tech workers for social change

Cross-posted from Shareable. Nithin Coca: As tensions between tech companies and their surrounding communities in cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin continue to escalate, there’s an effort underway to find meaningful, collaborative solutions. From driving up the costs of housing to increasing traffic congestion, employees of large-scale tech corporations have been blamed for intensifying… Continue reading

Money Maker: the game to teach the world about banking

Republished from International Money Reform Paul Brinkkemper: Have you ever tried to explain to someone how money is created as a loan by banks? Then you most likely came across misunderstanding, disbelief and apathy. If the movement for monetary reform is to gain influence among the general public, we have to educate many people. To… Continue reading

Book of the day: Neurocapitalism Technological Mediation and Vanishing Lines

Technological change is ridden with conflicts, bifurcations and unexpected developments. Neurocapitalism takes us on an extraordinarily original journey through the effects that cutting-edge technology has on cultural, anthropological, socio-economic and political dynamics. Today, neurocapitalism shapes the technological production of the commons, transforming them into tools for commercialization, automatic control, and crisis management. But all is… Continue reading

New Municipalism: A video explainer

Stir to Action has worked in partnership with the Centre for Urban Research on Austerity at De Montfort University in Leicester to produce a new video resource for the municipalist movement. The video was inspired by CURA’s Municipal Socialism in the 21st Century event in June 2018, and highlights the latest concepts in the movement,… Continue reading

What does Google know about me?

This post by Gabriel Weinberg, CEO & Founder at DuckDuckGo (2008-present) is republished from Quora Did you know that unlike searching on DuckDuckGo, when you search on Google, they keep your search history forever? That means they know every search you’ve ever done on Google. That alone is pretty scary, but it’s just the shallow… Continue reading

Essay of the day: Algorithmic Sovereignty

Republished from University of Plymouth Denis Roio: This thesis describes a practice based research journey across various projects dealing with the design of algorithms, to highlight the governance implications in design choices made on them. The research provides answers and documents methodologies to address the urgent need for more awareness of decisions made by algorithms… Continue reading

Holochain vs. Hashgraph …and when is consensus needed in distributed computing

There are many new platforms trying to make blockchains more scalable, or creating alternatives to the architecture of blockchain to fulfill on the aspirations of blockchain advocates, but that current blockchains fail to deliver on. Hashgraph has been getting some press and many are excited about the speeds they promise and some of the videos… Continue reading

Let’s follow New Zealand’s lead and make people and nature as important as GDP

By Ben Martin; reposted from By requiring planners to consider impacts on society and the environment as well as economics, New Zealand is setting a much-needed example for other nations. “Life is about more than just money.” It’s almost a cliché. But that quote isn’t from a left-wing think tank or a green non-governmental… Continue reading

Girona, Spain: Cooperative breaks the mould to provide renewable energy

In 2011, a professor at Girona University set his students an assignment – to come up with a cooperative business model. A small group of friends and students used the challenge to address the lack of action on generating green energy, and thus Som Energia was founded. Today it has 45,000 members and 70,000 clients… Continue reading

10 blockchain projects to keep an eye on

Cross-posted from Shareable. Aaron Fernando: We recently explored how blockchain is being used as a force for good and conducted a handful of interviews with practitioners in the industry. Yet the blockchain space is fast-moving and constantly brimming with new projects that could make the sharing economy increasingly accessible to all. This is a list of some… Continue reading

Collaboration Incubators for Practicing Democracy

By Philine Krosse (NL) Co-editing Kate Kingston (AUS), Letitia van der Merwe (NL), Manuela Bosch (DE) and Mich Levy (USA), republished from A series of Collaboration Incubator workshops are being put out into the world to gather like-minded people to combine forces for building global grassroots democracy. I am Philine Krosse, a ‘transformation architect’… Continue reading

The EU needs a stability and wellbeing pact, not more growth

This week, scientists, politicians, and policymakers are gathering in Brussels for a landmark conference. The aim of this event, organised by members of the European parliament from five different political groups, alongside trade unions and NGOs, is to explore possibilities for a “post-growth economy” in Europe. For the past seven decades, GDP growth has stood as… Continue reading

These 5 Rebel Movements Want To Change How Money Works

There have always been movements with dissenting views on the money system: how it runs and whom it works for. But in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, a new wave of money agitators has emerged, each with very distinct ideas about what money means. From bitcoin evangelists to advocates of modern monetary theory,… Continue reading

Licensing needs for Truly P2P Software

Software licenses are about USAGE constraints of software — Do you have a right to run it, copy it, distribute it, for how many people, under what conditions, etc… However, in a new era of decentralized software, I believe we must also uncover an assumption buried into past licenses that a licenses also implicitly includes ownership of… Continue reading