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How to power shared mobility startups with blockchain technology

Cross-posted from Shareable. This opinion piece by Boyd Cohen explores how a new blockchain layer for mobility could allow shared mobility startups to quickly launch their services and have immediate access to a network effect. Cohen is the co-founder of IoMob, which combines open source and blockchain technology to decentralize mobility, and the dean of… Continue reading

What is Open Source Circular Economy?

What is Open Source Circular Economy? A video in English explaining Circular Economy and why it is in combination with Openness a promising pathway to a sustainable future on this planet. I started a Youtube channel, and here is the first video I made: One more time on “What Is Open Source Circularity?” It is… Continue reading

The rise – and future – of the degrowth movement

I have argued elsewhere that degrowth is entering into the parliaments. Some political parties have started to adopt degrowth oriented or degrowth compatible proposals in their political programmes. With two large conferences to be celebrated this year in Malmö and Mexico City, Federico Demaria, writing for the Ecologist, charts the evolution of the Degrowth movement over… Continue reading

From “Green Growth” to Post-Growth

Alnoor Ladha: The seduction of economic growth is all-pervasive. Even within progressive circles that claim to understand that growth is causing ecological destruction, there is hope in a new type of salvation: “green growth.” This is the idea that technology will become more efficient and allow us to grow the economy while reducing our impact… Continue reading

Call for Papers: Social Solidarity Economy and the Commons: Envisioning Sustainable and Post-capitalist Futures, Lisbon, Portugal, 21-23 November 2018

International Conference: “Social Solidarity Economy and the Commons: Envisioning sustainable and post-capitalist futures”. 21-23 November 2018 ISCTE-IUL, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa Organiser: CEI-IUL, Centre for International Studies With the support of the Department of Political Economy (ISCTE-IUL) and Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (CE3C), Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon In response to… Continue reading

What personal and collective change is needed for a successful Commons Transition?

On March 22-23, Michel Bauwens was invited to a lecture co-organized by the German section of the SMart cooperative, which organizes freelance workers for mutual solidarity, and by Supermarkt, one of the more dynamic ‘third places’ in Berlin. This interview that took place on March 23 is a very relaxed conversation with Ela Kagel and… Continue reading

Blockchain is facing a backlash. Can it survive?

Not so long ago, the internet was hailed as the solution to humanity’s ills. It would shine a light on all corners of the globe, bringing new knowledge and exchange. But growing concerns about fake news, surveillance, cybercrime, social media addiction and monopolised power have tarnished that shine. Without ignoring the internet’s positive impact over… Continue reading

The diversity of food sharing in the city

This post by Albane Gaspard was originally published on Urban Food Futures. Buying food is part of everyday life, and seems a normal way to gain access to food. In contrast, food sharing as a means to secure sustenance is somewhat less common in developed cities, at least beyond our friends and family. However, sharing… Continue reading

Some Recent Interviews about the Commons

As you may have noticed, my blogging has suffered in recent weeks because of work on a new book with Silke Helfrich. Fortunately, we should be done soon. In the meantime, I have also given a few interviews that may be of interest. The British web magazine Beshara just published an interview of me, “The Revival of the… Continue reading

An Economy of Meaning, or Bust

Current economic systems are dismal because they waste our precious time. We can pause to reevaluate, and redesign.  This post by John Boik is republished from   John Boik: It’s not often that a scientist gets to use the words love, creativity, and wisdom in a paper, especially when writing about economics. Perhaps that’s… Continue reading

A Noopolitik for the Global Commons

Twenty years ago we proposed noöpolitik (nü-oh-poh-li-teek) as a new approach for American information strategy (1999). According to our argument, strategists will have to rethink what is “information” and see that a new realm is emerging — the noosphere, a global “realm of the mind” — that will profoundly affect statecraft. and its preference for… Continue reading

When Value Arises From Relationships, Not From Things

The following interview with Valentina Croci appears in the March 2018 special edition on innovation of Domus magazine . The print edition is in Italian and English, but does not include all the illustrations I’ve used here). Q1 The consumerist model and our fossil resources have been stretched to their limits. What could be an alternative model… Continue reading

Why ‘urban villages’ are on the rise around the world

Cross-posted from Shareable. Amanda Abrams: For years, Wayne Trevor was a typical resident of West Norwood, a suburban region in south London. He knew a couple of his neighbors and mostly thought of the area as a place to commute to and from his job as a customer strategy senior sponsor at the Transport for… Continue reading

SAVE, CODE, SHARE! Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software. Take action now!

Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software. Take action now to preserve the ability to collaboratively build software online! The P2P Foundation supports the SAVE, CODE, SHARE campaign to defend our Internet sovereignty and digital collaborative spaces. Click here to sign as an individual or organization. The letter below, along with the signatures signatures, will be… Continue reading

NDDL : No to the violence of the State against the commons!

What is the real reason for this destructive rage? It is not the absence of a project, it is the nature of the projects that is at stake. The State and its representatives do not support the life forms that are experimented here and now, and for the past 10 years. These life forms prefigure… Continue reading

Tech workers, platform workers, and workers’ inquiry

Transcript of a presentation given on behalf of the Tech Workers Coalition earlier this month, at Log Out! Worker Resistance Within and Against the Platform Economy, a symposium at the University of Toronto that examined labor unrest and organizing in the modern, tech-centered economy. This piece by Tech Workers Coalition in Technology and The Worker… Continue reading