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Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz on the End of Ownership in the Internet of Things Era

Republished from Motherboard’s Soundcloud: The internet of things, End User License Agreements, and Digital Rights Management are increasingly being used to give electronics manufacturers control and ownership over your stuff even after you buy it. Radio Motherboard talks to Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz, authors of The End of Ownership about what we stand to lose… Continue reading

The Mutual Aid Network Takes a Ground-Up Approach to Create a Collaborative Economy

Cross-posted from Shareable. Stephanie Rearick and Leander Bindewald: If it wasn’t crystal clear just weeks ago, it is now: The economy as it stands is currently positioned in direct opposition to social and environmental objectives. For the sake of the wellbeing of our communities, our children, and our planet, it is imperative we change the… Continue reading

Shrinking Spaces for civil society in natural resource struggles (new study)

Our study “Tricky Business” shows how the mechanisms of expropriation work. About the Study Resource and energy demand has increased over the last few decades, with more extraction and land use happening in more countries than ever before. The rising resource demand from the industrialized countries and emerging economies depends on the resources located in… Continue reading

In the battle for net neutrality, can co-ops keep the internet open and democratic?

Small, community-owned ISPs are spreading – and could help to protect open internet access Sammi-Jo Lee, writing for Coop News, gives us the lowdown on the P2P alternative to ISP big players. Sammi-Jo Lee: In 2011, brand new fibre-optic cables lit up for the first time across the forested terrain of the Ozarks and up… Continue reading

Patterns of Commoning: New Ventures in Commons-Based Publishing

David Bollier, Lara Mallien & Santiago Hoerth Moura: . Community building turns out to be a great way to bypass the formidable costs of conventional markets and to bring authors and readers together in highly efficient ways. Below, we profile some noteworthy pioneers of commons-based publishing – for academic journals, books and magazines. These examples… Continue reading

Personal data and commons: a mapping of current theories

Originally published in French by calimaq At the end of October, I wrote an article entitled “Evgeny Morozov and personal data as public domain” . I got a lot of feedback, including from people who had never heard about these kinds of theories, trying to break with the individualistic or “personalist”  approach based on the… Continue reading

Moving forward from Netarchical platforms in the post-Weinstein era

Brilliant reflections from Tara Vancil, originally published a few months ago. Towards a more democratic Web In the aftermath of the recent Harvey Weinstein revelations, Rose McGowan was suspended from Twitter for breaching its Terms of Service. Twitter made an unusual move by commenting on the status of a specific user’s account, which it normally publicly declares… Continue reading

The City Taking the Commons to Heart

This excellent analysis of the work in Ghent was written by Dirk Holemans and originally published in the Green European Journal and Commons Transition. The Belgian city of Ghent plays host to a broad range of projects and initiatives around the commons. But it has yet to adopt a model which really places a commons-focused… Continue reading

Academics study Loomio use

Loomio has been collaborating with academic researchers Shiv Ganesh at Massey University in New Zealand and Cynthia Stohl at the University of California, to do the first large-scale survey of Loomio users. The survey is still open, but we are already getting some really fascinating information on who we are as Loomio users, how we… Continue reading

Project of the Day: Framasoft – free and libre alternatives to netarchical collaborative platforms

The following article was written by Konrad Lischka and originally published on his website. The year is 2017 AD. The whole web is occupied by centralized services. Well… Not entirely. One small village of indomitable free software lovers still holds out against the invaders… This is how the French association Framasoft presents itself. They have achieved… Continue reading

4 Initiatives That Empower Collaborative Decision-Making

Cross-posted from Shareable. Cities have been caught in the middle of a clash: They are stuck competing for business investments while, simultaneously, seeking to meet the needs of their inhabitants through access to public goods and social services. For this reason, there is no surprise in seeing two opposite trends growing globally: On the one… Continue reading

Two Action Pathways: Green Growth vs Commons Transition

Fantastic video made for the Visions and Pathways 2040 project pointing out the differences between capitalist “green growth” and our own Commons Transition framework. If you’re not familiar with the Commons Transition, check out our new Commons Transition Primer website for a colourful and educational introduction to all things Commons/P2P. To read the full Vision and… Continue reading

Regulating crowdfunding – international resources for local communities?

In the past years, civic crowdfunding has become an increasingly used tool by communities to help finance their urban infrastructure projects. However, while some legal contexts encourage experiments around community finance, other national regulations categorically exclude the possibility of peer-to-peer lending or crowdinvesting, thus limiting the impact crowdfunding can have in the built environment. Jan… Continue reading

How the European Social Enterprise SMart is Creating a Safety Net for Freelancers

Over the last few years, the P2P Foundation has been focusing on the design of the cooperation between commons and market entities as well as public-commons cooperation models. But what are the underlying conditions for such a shift? One is of course environmental, i.e the need to have an economy that functions within the limits… Continue reading

Catalunya en Comú: Building a country in common(s) – Interview with Joan Subirats

by Alain Ambrosi and Nancy Thede, Barcelona, April 20, 2017. Update on the political context in Catalunya (November2017) Since this interview took place last April shortly after the founding of Catalunya en Comu, events in Catalunya have considerably transformed the political landscape there and have projected this new organisation into the electoral fray much sooner… Continue reading

New economics podcast Upstream needs your help!

Hello! Della and Robert here, co-producers of the Upstream Podcast, an audio documentary series that explores stories of the new economy. We often say that we couldn’t keep this project going without your support — well, this is LITERALLY TRUE. The laptop and the audio software that we use to produce our documentaries are now… Continue reading