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Unleashing the potential of data to transform health and care

Future Care Capital seeks a step-change in health and care and believes that a concerted effort to unleash the potential of health and care data could significantly improve outcomes for everyone in our society. This report explores how the United Kingdom (UK) might support data-driven research and innovation to transform health and care. It also… Continue reading

So what about Politics? – Call for contributions

If the past 10 years have been about discovering post-institutional social models on the Web, then the next 10 years will be about applying them to the real world. (Chris Anderson,2010, Text reposted from Thanks to Bram Crevits for forwarding it. So what about Politics? So, what about politics? looks at initiatives that could be… Continue reading

Funding the Cooperative City in Rome

Video by Eutropian: Funding the Cooperative City is an applied research project looking into how civic spaces are developing new economic models to run their spaces sustainably. This video tells about the exchange between Roman initiatives and other organisations from around Europe. More on Photo by Luc Mercelis

Project Of The Day: Refugees to Refugees Solidarity Call Center

Want to help refugees in a practical way?  Contribute to the Refugee call center using Faircoin. Extracted from: The phone line of the cooperative call service ‘Refugees to Refugees (R2R) Solidarity Call Center’ has begun to operate! For three months now, refugees and people from the solidarity movement have been working cooperatively together, through open… Continue reading

Why the Open Access Movement in Agriculture Matters

Freya Yost: Western discourse around open access has largely been restricted to academic, scholarly communications circles. In fact, many friends and colleagues have told me they first encountered open access when, after graduating from university, they were confronted with the fact they no longer had access to school databases; or when online article searches reached… Continue reading

“I Am the River, and the River is Me”

A few months ago, the New Zealand Government took an amazing step – prodded by indigenous peoples – to legally recognize the rights of a river.  A new law, the Te Awa Tupua Act, recognizes that the Whanganui River (known to the iwi and hapū people as Te Awa Tupua) is “an indivisible and living whole,… Continue reading

What Municipalism and #FearlessCities could mean for New Zealand

Is there an alternative to the hype and celebrity politics that seems to be spreading like a virus around the world? Try: feminised politics, proximity, ecology and community. As we turn off ‘post-truth’ politics, face-to-face meeting, listening and community-building supported by safe technologies are some of the salves for human-scale democracy. While New Zealand is… Continue reading

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Universal Basic Income

Click here to read all our curated stories on Universal Basic Income (UBI). This post by The Next Era was originally published on Basic Income and the New Universalism Universal basic income is firstly universal, secondly about income and only thirdly basic. In short, the most radical thing about basic income is that it… Continue reading

Podcast: How Residents of Frome, UK Took Governance and the Local Economy Into Their Own Hands

The stories in this Upstream documentary series come from a small town in the United Kingdom called Frome, but the themes and topics explored are global in scale, ranging from the Americas to the Himalayas. Despite its unique setting, nestled in the sleepy countryside of southeast England, Frome is a microcosm of much of what… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Funding an Economy of Civic Spaces in the Cooperative City through Community Finance

A book edited by Daniela Patti & Levente Polyák (2017) that explores experiments in community-led urban development in European cities. More info can be found here. Description “Funding the Cooperative City explores experiments in community-led urban development in European cities. This book is based on a series of workshops (Rotterdam, Berlin and Paris in 2014;… Continue reading

David Bollier on Re-Inventing Law for the Commons

Nicos Poulantzas Institute in cooperation with transform! europe organized an open lecture of David Bollier, researcher, activist and writer of a series of books concerning Commons. Find here the short report of the event on 14 February. Our colleague David Bollier speaks about Law for the Commons at an event co-organised by the Nicos Poulantzas… Continue reading

How to Run Collaborative Projects That Don’t Fall Prey to Bureaucracy

Devin Balkind: Today, when people call something “bureaucratic,” they usually mean that in a negative sense, but bureaucracy didn’t always have this negative connotation. About 100 years ago when many professional bureaucracies were being built, they were seen as a means of bringing quality control, predictability, and integrity to administrations. But bureaucracy has taken on a life of… Continue reading

CCWorld: Connecting Worldwide Creative Commons Film Festivals

An update from our friends at the Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival, where I had the pleasure of taking part in a very fun (albeit in Spanish) panel on the network cultures. Check out the full report below. Fernando Paniagua, Andreu Meixide, and Ester Villacampa. Photos by Pere Albiac. “Opening night” by Rafa de los Arcos…. Continue reading

The Future of Farmland (Part 1): The New Land Grab

Neil Thapar: If you don’t follow investment trends, you may not know that one of the hottest investment opportunities in recent years is land, specifically farmland. Many investors, weary of investing in the stock market in a post-Great Recession era, are seeking alternative, stable investment opportunities. Farmland values have historically increased at a steady rate. As an… Continue reading

European Commons Assembly at Medialab Prado

The European Commons Assembly (ECA) is a network of grassroots initiatives promoting commons management practices at the European level. The next stop for the network will be Medialab Prado, Madrid. These activities are part of the Transeuropa Festival program, a large meeting of political, social and environmental alternatives. The call to participate in the Madrid… Continue reading