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Building a New Economy for Australia (event)

“The 2017 ‘Building a New Economy for Australia’ is being held from 1-3 September 2017 in Brisbane.  The 2017 New Economy Conference will: Bring together hundreds of people and organisations interested in moving beyond the current unjust and unsustainable economic system that currently dominates Australian society Enable people to share, learn, listen, play, and work together to co-create a… Continue reading

New Videos Explore the Political Potential of the Commons

Just released:  a terrific 25-minute video overview of the commons as seen by frontline activists from around the world, “The Commons in Political Spaces: For a Post-capitalist Transition,” along with more than a dozen separate interviews with activists on the frontlines of commons work around the globe. The videos were shot at the World Social Forum in Montreal last… Continue reading

Impetus Plan for the Social and Solidarity Economy in Barcelona 2016 – 2019

Policy Document: Impetus Plan for the Social and Solidarity Economy in Barcelona 2016 – 2019. Ajuntament de Barcelona. Economia Cooperativa, Social y Solidaria y Consum, 2017 Download the original document here. The Impetus Plan for the Social and Solidarity Economy in Barcelona, is the result of a municipal initiative. Its aim is to offer a… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: The Emergence of Makerspaces in the Smart City

A recently published article on makerspaces by Vasilis Niaros, Vasilis Kostakis and Wolfgang Drechsler. Originally published at Telematics & Informatics. Abstract Critical approaches to the smart city concept are used to begin highlighting the promises of makerspaces, that is to say, those emerging urban sites that promote sharing practices; exercise community-based forms of governance; and… Continue reading

The European Commons Assembly in Athens: UniverSSE Congress (event)

As part of the 4th Social and Solidarity Economy Congress June 9-11, the European Commons Assembly would like to invite those who will be in Athens to two sessions. You can also participate now, before the event itself, by contributing your opinions and examples on the hackpads below. If you plan to attend and want… Continue reading

Degrowth in Movements: Commons

By Johannes Euler and Leslie Gauditz; translated by Maike Majewski. Originally published on Commons: Self-organised (re)production as a socio-ecological transformation About the authors and their positions We, the authors of this text, Leslie Gauditz and Johannes Euler, are active in the Commons Institute which, among other things, promotes the creation of knowledge and the… Continue reading

How to fight the feudal internet

“Our cohort of tech founders is feeling the chill breath of mortality as they drift into middle age. And so part of what is driving this push into space is a more general preoccupation with ‘existential risk’. Musk is persuaded that we’re living in a simulation, and he or a fellow true believer has hired… Continue reading

The Activist Collective You Need To Know About!

In the first part of this latest Redacted Tonight VIP, Lee Camp talks with author Alnoor, the Executive Director of The Rules. The Rules is a worldwide network of activists, artists, writers, farmers, peasants, students, workers, designers, hackers, spiritualists and dreamers. Inequality is no accident to this group, and they, through a variety of means… Continue reading

Team Human: Pia Mancini “No Shame! Towards a Cooperative Economy” Playing for Team Human today is Pia Mancini. Pia is a visionary democracy activist who co-founded the Net Party in Argentina and DemocracyOS. Pia joins Douglas to talk about her new project Open Collective. Open Collective is platform that helps small, non-traditional organizations to collectivize, raise funds, and manage expenses in a networked and… Continue reading

Life’s economy is primarily based on collaborative rather than competitive advantage

This post originally appeared on A holistic understanding of modern evolutionary biology suggests that life evolves by a process of diversification and subsequent integration of diversity through collaboration (John Stewart in BioSystems, 2014). As our focus shifts from individuals and individual species as the unit of survival to the collective of life — its complex dynamic… Continue reading

Navigating System Transition in a Volatile Century

In Navigating System Transition in a Volatile Century, Michael Lewis puts forward a vision for a new global economic system built from the ground up. Structured on values such as resilience, cooperation, decentralized and democratic ownership, the commons, and dependence on nature in demand, Lewis’s model is based on “cooperative economic democracy” and the solidarity… Continue reading

Mapping as Commons

Mapping the World through Commoning for the Federated Commons Maps shape our perception, they direct our transitions and they inform our decisions. Whoever doubts the power of mapping, might think of Google maps impact on the lives of the many. But not all, because there is an alternative: Open Street Map. The difference between the… Continue reading

The great transition – Alternative paths for a better and climate just future

Tipping Point – a podcast on climate justice in the Anthropocene In this series of podcasts, we explore pathways for climate justice in the Anthropocene – a geological epoch shaped by humans. Should we become stewards of our planet or live in harmony with nature to achieve a good life for all? We take our… Continue reading

Introducing the 7th pillar of DiEM25: An Internet of People – a progressive tech policy for a democratic Europe.

This post by Aral Balkan was originally published on I’m excited to announce that I’ve been elected to the DiEM25 Advisory Panel to help lead a new initiative with Renata Avila to craft DiEM25’s 7th pillar: a progressive tech policy for a democratic Europe.  >Diem 25: The 7th pillar – a progressive tech policy that… Continue reading

Is renewable energy a commons?

How relocating energy in the commons helps scaling-up renewables & saving energy Is energy a mere commodity, or is it a common good? Why is this relevant in the first place? Here we look at why energy is part of our commons, from the sources to the product itself. In a second time, we will… Continue reading