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The case for sharing and hope in 2017

As the world situation continues to deteriorate, there is every hope that 2017 will see a critical new actor emerge on the international stage: a colossal movement of massed goodwill that demands an emergency response from governments to life-threatening poverty and hunger. For many years now, STWR has made the case for a massive mobilisation… Continue reading

How “open source” seed producers from the US to India are changing global food production

Around the world, plant breeders are resisting what they see as corporate control of the food supply by making seeds available for other breeders to use. This article reports on a number of important new initiatives that have the potential to integrate the various projects and movements working  against the enclosure of living material and… Continue reading

Finding Common Ground 5: Taking Back Ownership: Transforming Capital Into Commons

Whether in the natural or virtual world – the wildly diverging ways in which resources are conceived of and managed shows us that a commons-based approach, rather than one following market logics, can lead to dramatically different outcomes. An interview with Molly Scott Cato and Ugo Mattei. This post is part of our series of… Continue reading

This is how people power wins an election: the story of Ahora Madrid

How do you win an election? According to Ahora Madrid’s Miguel Arana and Victoria Anderica, the key is keeping it real – with real openness and participation. It won’t work to pay lip service to those ideals and abandon them later. There’s no faking it. This year we’ve been talking about the municipalist uprising in… Continue reading

Eliminating human emotion is not working for the Holacratic management model

”Citation 1, Executive coach and management consultant Julia Culen:” “I felt like being part of a code, operating [within] an algorithm that is optimized for machines, but not for humans. Instead of feeling more whole, self-organized and more powerful, I felt trapped. The circles I was being part of did not feel empowering at all… Continue reading

Finding Common Ground 4: The City as a Commons

“Society runs, the economy follows. Let’s (re)design institutions and law together.” ’This is the credo of LabGov – the Laboratory for the governance of the commons in Italy, that was behind the pioneering “Bologna Regulation” – a guidebook on public-civic collaboration in the city. Kati Van de Velde spoke with LabGov’s founder, Professor Christian Iaione…. Continue reading

Common space for exchange: cities in transition and citizen struggles

How has activism in Spain produced new political platforms that are victorious in municipal elections? Are there stories, lessons, methods or tools that can be shared or translated to other contexts? How might these support the growing movement in France? CommonsPolis — a civil society initiative to create dialogue between progressive municipalist movements and city… Continue reading

David Bollier – The City as a Commons

We recently published David Bollier’s excellent overview of Barcelona’s struggles to advance the commons. That article was written after David’s visit to the city last November and here is the video of his presentation during that trip. Enjoy. From the Notes to the Original Video: A new type of citizen economy is emerging – the… Continue reading

After Brexit and Trump: don’t demonise; localise!

Both Trump and Brexit can be explained by the failure of mainstream political elites to address the pain inflicted on ordinary citizens in the neoliberal era, write Helena Norberg-Hodge & Rupert Read. In the US and the UK, working class voters rightly rejected the corporate globalisation that has created so much poverty and insecurity. But… Continue reading

Co-mapping our transition towards abundance for all

Co-Mapping our Transition Towards Abundance for All The Social Network we Truly Need An Open Design Proposal by Julia Pichler  This excellent proposal by Julia Pichler, who is an architect and designer with a background in permaculture lays out how a P2P based society could grow from the bottom up. The comprehensive strategy of the design proposes… Continue reading

Competition IS Cooperation: Seeing Differently

Competition is cooperation: It just depends on how you look at it. This article seeks to respond to an important issue that arises a lot in the conversations and spaces in which I participate. Moreover, I think it is timely and important in relation to the divisiveness made apparent by the recent election of Donald… Continue reading

Holonic Systems and Investment

Holonic systems treat money as one type of fuel that can be used to facilitate the evolution of complex systems. Consequently, the vantage for any optimization regarding holonic systems theory is how fuel can be better distributed to organizations that will lead to further evolution. This might be a significant contrast to rational actor theory… Continue reading

Finding Common Ground 3: Commons from Past to Present: An Interview with Tine De Moor

The commons are back! And their popularity does not go unnoticed. Progressive thinkers and Green political strategists worldwide like to see them as a sustainable alternative in our competition-driven society. But what exactly are the commons? Where do they come from and what can they teach us about the economy today? A look back over… Continue reading