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Exvestment: The Political Economy of Open Source Software

“Exvestment (Kleiner) is one element of the identity transvestment (Kleiner & Gottlieb) which elaborates how to channel value out of capitalist circulation into alternative communal organizations and keep the bulk of it circulating there. One legal instrument which has been created to generate more exvestment is the Peer Production License.” Here is Gavin Mendel-Gleason’s 15… Continue reading

Platform Cooperativism: Building the Cooperative Internet (Event)

DATE: Nov 11-13, 2016 PLACE: New York City Almost unnoticed, in the gaps and hollows of the digital economy, a new economy is emerging that follows a different ethical and financial logic. Platform cooperativism, as it has come to be called, is an emerging movement for democratic governance and collective ownership on the Internet and… Continue reading

SwellRT Free Software Contest – Enter by Sept. 18

SwellRT Software Contest If you like to code, free/libre/open source software, and support a decentralized Internet, the SwellRT project invites you to participate in its Free Software Contest 3,000€, 2,000€ and 1,000€ prizes will be awarded to the best three projects which use or improve SwellRT technology. Find more info at: SwellRT is a… Continue reading

Sebastian Junger on Our Evolutionary Need For Community

Cross-posted from the Peak Prosperity Podcast: Peabody award-winning author Sebastian Junger joins our podcast this week. Junger is well-known for his NYT-bestselling books The Perfect Storm and War, the latter of which was written after a 15-month tour of duty in the most dangerous outpost in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley. Based on his observations while in… Continue reading

Agroecology and the Green Revolution

This post by Patty and Leigh Anne originally appeared on o ecotextiles. The promise of the Green Revolution was that it would end hunger through the magic of chemicals and genetic engineering.   The reasoning goes like this:  the miracle seeds of the Green Revolution increase grain yields; higher yields mean more income for poor farmers,… Continue reading

“Co-operatives aren’t co-operatives unless they co-operate with each other”

An excellent interview with our colleague Nathan Schneider. It was originally published at High-tech tools of exploitation are being repurposed to build a fairer economy. The digital platforms that have become the connective tissue of our lives – the likes of Airbnb and Google – have proven to tend towards monopolies, monetisation of surveillance… Continue reading

Naples and its Department of the Commons

Naples was the first Italian city to establish a “Department of the Commons” and the first to change the municipal statute by inserting the “commons” as one of the interests to be protected and recognised as the functional exercise of fundamental rights of the person. A discussion from Italia che cambia: “All these buildings were… Continue reading

Photographer Files $1bn Copyright Claim Against Getty Images

When Getty Images sent photographer Carol Highsmith a $120 settlement demand for using one of ‘their’ images without permission, things were about to get messy. The image in question was actually Highsmith’s own work, displayed on her own website. Highsmith has now responded with a $1bn lawsuit. This post originally appeared on Seattle-based Getty… Continue reading

New SELC Report: How to Equitably Regulate Airbnb-style Short-term Rentals

If you live in a fairly populous city, or if you like to travel off the beaten path, you’ve probably heard of Airbnb-style short-term rentals (STRs). Residential housing that is rented for short periods of time, STRs were once a niche way to travel, but are now available for rent all over the world. The… Continue reading

Sebastian Junger’s Meditation on Tribes

Why is it that American combat veterans experience the highest rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the world, while soldiers from other countries have far lower levels?  Amazingly, warriors of the past, such as Native Americans, rarely experienced PTSD-like symptoms. In his new book Tribe, Sebastian Junger argues that much of the difference lies… Continue reading

The call for sharing as #OneHumanity

Only when public conscience is sufficiently awakened to the critical needs of others, only when a huge swathe of the populace is standing up for the basic rights of the poorest among us – only then can we talk of a humanity that shares in any meaningful sense of the word. At the end of… Continue reading

Communard Manifesto: Appendix

Appendix: concrete things you can do with this manifesto If you’ve found ideas in the preceding paragraphs that agree with your state of being in the world and your understanding of relations with others, there are many things you can do, starting now. You don’t have to immediately leave everything behind and organize an egalitarian… Continue reading

Picturing the Commons: A P2P Foundation Live Conversation

Community groups do dozens of things to keep their spaces open – so much, that they struggle with getting new members involved. How might we help people appreciate what’s going on in common spaces? Can shared pictures do that better than websites and wikis? The P2P Foundation believes it’s worth exploring. Since April, I’ve been… Continue reading