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Chicago Event to Launch Chamber of Commons

The following article is cross-posted from our friends at Shareable. By Nina Misuraca Ignaczak That stalwart community institution known as the Chamber of Commerce may soon have its counterpart in the sharing economy. The US Chamber of Commons, a startup organization dedicated to “recognizing, supporting and highlighting the “green shoots of a budding Generative Economy,”… Continue reading

Integrating activism into governance institutions

Reposted from our sister site Commons Transition, Dan Hancox shares the lowdown on a few projects aiming to bring the Commons to the institutional sphere. As construction noise and traffic hummed in the background, two Turkish women sat on a park bench in Istanbul, talking about what they want from their city’s public spaces: “chit-chats,… Continue reading

Help our friends at the Cloughjordan Community Farm recoup their gear

The good folks at Cloughjordan Ecovillage have always treated the P2P Foundation and its surrounding community with warmth and respect. Please help them overcome this hiccup and spread the message while you’re at it. On the night of the 16/17th September, €8000 worth of our farm equipment was stolen. We are gutted. We  – Cloughjordan… Continue reading

On the link between neoliberalism and bureaucracy

The Iron Law of Liberalism states that any market reform, any government initiative intended to reduce red tape and promote market forces will have the ultimate effect of increasing the total number of regulations, the total amount of paperwork, and the total number of bureaucrats the government employs. Far from being anti-bureaucratic, the neoliberal regime… Continue reading

Video: The Officine Zero eco-social factory: “zero bosses, zero exploitation, zero pollution”

By Dario Azzellini: “After “Occupy, Resist, Produce – RiMaflow” (34 min., 2014) the film “Occupy, Resist, Produce – Officine Zero” is the second in a series of short films on occupations of workplaces and production under workers’ control in Europe. Directed and produced by Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler. Officine Zero, former RSI (Rail Service… Continue reading

The forker and progress

Recovering the myth of progress is an urgent need. There’s no value or meaning in knowledge without it. It has no alternatives, because in its absence, only magical thinking and messianic politics grow. We need to reconquer time. We must once again raise the banner of progress. Progress was one of the most important and… Continue reading

Podcast of the Day: How on Earth with Donnie Maclurcan

Reposted from our friends at The Extraenviromentalist. Today’s textbook notions of business were developed during an unprecedented global economic expansion – a cultural condition that faces diminishing returns in today’s world. Can we build enterprises for a post-growth future that thrive among challenges of the next century? By reversing the process that privatizes profits, would… Continue reading

What days should you choose to participate in at Somero 2015?

Which days are meant for you at Somero 2015? Reserve them now!! This year Somero offers between two and six days of activities. We know that few of you can come the whole time, so it’s organized into topics and conversations so you can choose the ones that interest you most, and you can get… Continue reading

The Tricky Business of “Copylefting” Hardware

Republished from Christian Siefkes: (the original article, also available in German contains an appendix and many links; this article, though not a new one, is still being circulated and recommended; updated insights would be very welcome) “It’s probably safe to say that the copyleft principle has been essential for the success of free software. Copyleft… Continue reading

Who May Use the King’s Forest? The Meaning of Magna Carta, Commons and Law in Our Time

The relationship between law and the commons is very much on my mind these days.  I recently posted a four-part serialization of my strategy memo, “Reinventing Law for the Commons.”  The following public talk, which I gave at the Heinrich Boell Foundation in Berlin on September 8, is a kind of companion piece.  The theme:… Continue reading

The myth of the higher efficiency of private over public enterprise

1. What the evidence says: “On the basis of the evidence available, then, public ownership is decidedly not inherently less efficient. Sweeping claims to the contrary should be treated as ideologically motivated.” 2. Corbyn’s partner state vision: “I believe in public ownership, but I have never favoured the remote nationalised model that prevailed in the… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Might Supplementary Tethered Currencies Reduce Financial System Risks

* Article: Turnbull, Shann, Might Supplementary Tethered Currencies Reduce Financial System Risks? (January 15, 2015). From the Abstract: “The research question is to investigate if supplementary tethered currencies might reduce financial system risks and provide a superior fallback position to Bitcoin in a crisis? To investigate the question, a hypothetical $Z supplementary cost carrying currency… Continue reading

Pluriarchy, confederalism and abundance

Pluriarchy and community confederalism are simultaneously the result of, and a guide to, the path towards abundance. They are forms of organizing that maximize the ability to evolve and survive of the social space opened by the new optimum of scale and the emergence of distributed networks. Both put the focus on the true center… Continue reading

Video: David Bollier on 800 Years of Commons Law since the Magna Carta

Watch David Bollier’s presentation just below, followed by my own. The event was organized in Berlin, on September 8, by the Boll Foundation on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest. Silke Helfrich of the Commons Strategies Group introduced the speakers and moderated the discussion. 1…. Continue reading

Some keys to GNU social Camp

GNU social Camp will focus on digital literacy, the consolidation of the network of GNU social nodes and their users, and the development of new functionalities and integration of GNU social with other platforms. The 7th and 8th of October, we will be holding the first GNU social Camp. The main objective is to promote… Continue reading

Essay: Open-access communism

P2P & INOVAÇÃO is a new journal linked Grupo de Pesquisa Economias colaborativas e produção P2P no Brasil (Collaborative  Economy and P2P Production in Brazil Research Group) from Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia (IBICT). The second volume has just been published and includes, amongst others, articles authored by P2P Foundation collaborators. This… Continue reading