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Essay of the Day: Commons for Peace

* Article: Commons for Peace. James Quilligan. Kosmos Journal, FALL | WINTER 2011 Summary: “Although the term ‘human security’ has various meanings, two have predominated. Following the Cold War, several major studies—including the UN Secretary-General’s 1992 report, Agenda for Peace; the 1994 World Development Report of the UN Development Program; and the 2003 report, Human… Continue reading

Women in P2P: Interview with Alison Powell (Part 1)

Alison Powell interviewed By Rachel O’Dwyer Alison Powell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media & Communications in the London School of Economics. Her research examines the history and future of openness within new media. Alison’s research explores open-source cultures including community wireless networks, free software advocates and people interested in open sourcing… Continue reading

Anthropologist Harry Walker on the Lessons of Amazonian Commons

Sometimes it takes anthropologists to ask the really deep questions and help us imagine another world. That became clear to me after listening to Dr. Harry Walker, an anthropologist at the London School of Economics, give the prestigious Malinowski Memorial Lecture in late May. Walker has long studied the people of Peruvian-Amazonia, with special attention… Continue reading

Commoners Descend on Chieri, Italy, for Major Festival

Italians once again took the vanguard in advancing the commons paradigm by hosting a three-day festival in Chieri, a town of 60,000 people on the outskirts of Torino, Italy.  The International Festival of the Commons featured films, musical performances, video exhibits, lectures, panel discussions, food and drink, and lots of enjoyable conversation. I think festivals… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Quantifying the Value of Open Source Hardware Development

* Article: Pearce, J.M. (2015) Quantifying the Value of Open Source Hardware Development. Modern Economy, 6, 1-11. doi: 10.4236/me.2015.61001. open access From the abstract: “With the maturation of digital manufacturing technologies like 3-D printing, a new paradigm is emerging of distributed manufacturing in both scientific equipment and consumer goods. Hardware released under free licenses is… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Flat World Navigation, Collaboration and Networking

* Book: Kim Chandler McDonald. Flat World Navigation, Collaboration and Networking: Building dynamic relationships in the global digital economy. Kogan Page, 2015 A book about how the business world is adapting to networking through ‘social business design’. Here is a summary: “The future of doing business successfully centres around the ability to make and maintain… Continue reading

Stanislas Jourdan on Joining Positive Money to Make Quantitative Easing Serve People

Excerpted from his blog, Stan Jourdan talks about his new role working with Positive Money and how it ties in with his previous work on Basic Income. After serving for the past 4 years as coordinator for the basic income movement in France and at European level, I will now be focusing on monetary reforms… Continue reading

Just Published: The Italian Edition of “Think Like a Commoner”

I am happy to report that the Italian translation of my book, Think Like a Commoner, has now been published. La Rinascita dei Commons: Successi e potenzialita del movimento globale a tutela dei beni comuni — or The Rebirth of Commons:  Successes and Potential of the Global Movement for the Protection of Commons –was translated… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Re-Commoning Food to Crowd-Feed the World

* Article: Transition towards a food commons regime: re-commoning food to crowd-feed the world. By JOSE LUIS VIVERO POL From the abstract: “This paper analyses the main fault lines of the industrial food system and the consequences of the absolute commodification of food. Then, using the food regime theory and exploring the developments in the… Continue reading