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USA: “Examples of conservative socialism in practice” (i.e. sovereign wealth funds)

Excerpted from Gar Alperovitz and Thomas M. Hanna: “The most well-known case is Alaska. The Alaska Permanent Fund, established by a Republican governor in 1976, combines not one, but two socialist principles: public ownership and the provision of a basic income for all residents. The fund collects and invests proceeds from the extraction of oil… Continue reading

100 Women who are co-creating the P2P Society: Anne-Sophie Novel on sustainable localism

Anne-Sophie Novel is a French journalist, blogger and advocate at the convergence of different topics such as the sharing economy and sustainability, who will be active as well on the next big climate change topic in Paris, i.e. COP. The interview was conducted by Michel Bauwens. Marie Noéline who helped with the interview is the… Continue reading

Erik Olin Wright on the Role of the State, the Market and Civil Society

Erik Olin Wright, from a 2007 text in ‘Compass Points’: “Capitalism would be an unreproducible and chaotic social order if the state played the minimalist role specified in the libertarian fantasy, but it would also, as Polanyi argued, function much more erratically if civil society was absorbed into the economy as a fully commodified and… Continue reading

Bioecon – build a more human economy in harmony with life

Bioecon can be used as a tool to connect the different forms of solidarity economies on the globe. It is a project born in Argentina after the crisis hit there. Bioecon is a peer to peer, growth sensitive, decentralized and self regulated economic agreement in which the means of exchange is produced by participants as… Continue reading

The European left in shock after the defeat of Greece

Six months after promising the end of austerity, the Syriza leadership had to sign an agreement which not just imposes an extreme neoliberal impoverishment of its people, but actually suspends democracy, since the agreement explicitely states that no laws can be voted without agreement of the European institutions. The radicality of this defeat is not… Continue reading

HORNET – Onion routing at network level to speed up and secure anonymous communications

This is a paper proposing improvements to onion routing, which anonymises data traffic and communications on the internet. The proposal is to put the routing protocol at network level, providing higher speed transmission and adding encryption features. HORNET: High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer In this paper, we address the question of “what minimal… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: The More-Than-Human Commons: commoning is caring

A really excellent and well-written (draft) essay on the implications of the commons for how we relate to each other and to other natural beings: * Source: The More-than-Human Commons : From Commons to Commoning. Patrick Bresnihan. Forthcoming Chapter in Space, Power and the Commons, Routledge.) Excerpted from Patrick Bresnihan: “Where the more-than-human commons departs… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Open Source Finance Hacking

“The hacker drive for de-alienated self-empowerment throws up tricky issues. As people with a hacker impulse gain confidence, they can become increasingly intolerant towards conventions, but also towards institutions like large welfare systems, which are viewed as being alienating in their own way. When combined with the individualistic streak, this can make for a libertarian… Continue reading

Debating Post-Capitalism (1): a critique by Michael Roberts

I expect to see more critical engagements with Paul Mason’s important new book. This first one, based on the introductory essay which appeared in the Guardian, is by the Marxist economist Michael Roberts, a long excerpt: ” I have a lot of issues with what Mason argues and concludes. He starts his article of explanation… Continue reading

Documentary: what are the conditions to move from relative political democracy to full economic democracy ?

An excellent documentary, with english subtitles, coming from Sweden: “This is a solid, thought provoking documentary covering a relevant economic topic in-depth. The question of capitalism’s grip on the modern world is highly relevant today and the film questions if we should be pushing for a democratic cooperative way of doing business, showing case studies… Continue reading