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Free The Sun – Crowdfunding Campaign

This looks like a project well worth supporting: We are crowdfunding to connect communities, entrepreneurs & makers with the world’s most powerful energy source, by releasing free construction methods and guides. Free the Sun! The energy from the sun is free, with free construction guides to build high-powered solar concentrators, anyone, anywhere could tap into… Continue reading

Video of the Day: The Alternet

Sarah T. Gold provides an excellent overview of the current state of personal data privacy (or, increasingly, the total lack of it) and imagines some possible solutions in her video ‘The Alternet’: …the Alternet evolved as a superfiction, a creative proposal that blends fiction and real world structures, presenting organisations and the lives of invented… Continue reading

Towards a new municipal agenda in Spain

Carlos Delclós, a sociologist and lecturer at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, and an activist in the 15M Movement, writes about new generation of activist-politicians advancing the municipal agenda in Spain. What the Spanish media ignore about this new generation of activist-politicians is why they became famous enough to put on a ballot in the… Continue reading

The great debate: to collapse (followed by resurgence) or to transform ?

Interesting conference report on debates within the environmental movements, excerpted from Michael Bayliss: “On Friday the 13th of February I attended the “Great Debate: To Collapse or Not to Collapse,” hosted by the Sustainable Living Festival at the Deakin Auditorium. The following Wednesday I attended a screening on the movie Cowspiracy, hosted by Animal Liberation… Continue reading

OuiShare 2015, From Transition to Transformation: The Elephant in the Room

#OSFest15  –  May 21, 22:  Just a few steps into the main entry hall of Cabaret Sauvage, the site of the OuiShare 2015 event, was a large, black chalkboard. On the board there was a drawing of an elephant, and the phrase, “Share Your Elephant in the Room”. In case the expression “elephant in the room”… Continue reading

The sharing economy is a rent-extraction business of the highest order!

Is there a fundamental conflict at the heart of an industry that preaches collaboration but, due to being radically commercialised by venture capital money from Silicon Valley, also needs to profiteer from the goodwill of others if it’s to remain viable? Excerpted from Izabella Kaminska: “In Paris this week, at the Ouishare Fest, the great… Continue reading

The ‘New Republics’ documentary: Will holomidal collective intelligence replace the pyramidal one ?

Check for more. Jean-Francois Noubel explains that: “We name holomidal collective intelligence the new form of collective intelligence that emerges thanks to the Internet. Local and global, decentralized and distributed, agile, polymorphic, based on leadership, individuation, open source, integral wealth and mutualist economy, this young form of collective intelligence still lives through its infancy… Continue reading

Autogestió: Adventures into the New Economies of Catalonia

Autogestió: Adventures into the New Economies of Catalonia from Enfable on Vimeo. To support this project visit  – By Hannah and Adam Hello! We’re filmmakers, and we’re called Enfable. We want to make a research film about the New Economy in Catalonia, Spain, exploring cooperatives, local currencies, and community governance. What is Enfable? We’re videographic… Continue reading

Internet VS Pilar del Castillo and the Spanish government

Just a couple of months ago we sounded the alarm to defend net neutrality, a fundamental principle of the Internet that guarantees our online freedoms, in Europe. The threat comes from the role of the EU countries, including Spanish government, vassal of the telcom lobbies, and MEPs like Pilar del Castillo, the rapporteur of the… Continue reading

The prospects for radical democracy (2): how Flatpack Democracy disenclosed local elections in the UK

Excerpted from John Harris: “A small-scale revolution that has turned local politics there, and elsewhere, on its head. The basic aim seems both simple and benign: “Taking political power at a local level, then using it to enable people to have a greater say in the decisions that affect their lives.” But the results have… Continue reading

How to Rein in Monopoly-like Network Platforms?

The latest issue of Boston Review has a lively forum on the growing power of network-based businesses such as Amazon, Uber and Airbnb.  These companies may not be monopolies in the strict conventional sense of the law, but they nonetheless use their market dominance and network platforms to extract all sorts of advantages from competitors,… Continue reading