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Video: Daniel Hassan of the Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Commons-Supporting Hedge Fund

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert warn against trusting bureaucrats bearing false economy as ‘shocking austerity’ and ‘bed blocking costs more than is allegedly saved. In the second half, Max interviews Daniel Hassan of the Robin Hood Minor Asset Management hedge fund which rides the wave of trading whales… Continue reading

Eco-agricultural food sovereignty vs. seed-enclosing neocolonial paternalistic benevolence: a tale of two meetings

Republished from Morten Thaysen: “This week the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID hosted a meeting in London with big agribusinesses to discuss strategies to increase corporate control over seeds in Africa. The location of the meeting was secret. So was the agenda. Attendance was strictly invite-only and nobody who even came close to… Continue reading

The real nature of the on-demand economy: “NEVER LEAVE HOME AGAIN.”

“The on-demand world isn’t about sharing at all. It’s about being served. This is an economy of shut-ins“. Shutting people out is an important part of being a shut-in: When signing up, customers can choose the option of not seeing their Alfred, who will come in when they’re at work. Alfred’s messaging is aimed at… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Multitude, Assemblies, and a New Politics of the Common

* Essay: A Common Assembly: Multitude, Assemblies, and a New Politics of the Common. Elise Danielle Thorburn. Interface: a journal for and about social movements, Volume 4 (2): 254 – 279 (November 2012) From the Abstract: “Contemporary experiments in organising the “multitude” have proliferated of late – from the encampments of Occupy to the Quebec… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Proposals For A Democratic Economy

* eBook: Alternatives To Capitalism: Proposals For A Democratic Economy. by Robin Hahnel, Erik Olin Wright. New Left Project, 2014 URL= Description “New Left Project’s new e-book, Alternatives to Capitalism: Proposals for a Democratic Economy, is now available for download. In it the leading radical thinkers Robin Hahnel and Erik Olin Wright take on the… Continue reading

Movement of the Day: Kick It Over, these insane neoclassical economics

Jeff Guo explained the project to the Washington Post: “Harrington now runs a campaign called Kick it Over, which aims to combat what it describes as “the fantasy world of neoclassical economics — a faith-based religion of perfect markets, enlightened consumers and infinite growth that shapes the fates of billions.” The project is connected with… Continue reading

Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the #Commons Part 4 #Spain

Spain: Taking back the city Source: Doc Next Network –   For the last several years, Spain has been a laboratory for bottom-up organisation and empowerment. The 15M movement that began in 2011 not only managed to set the political agenda by framing the euro crisis and austerity as contrary to democratic principles, but… Continue reading

The Emergence of Peerist Synergism

by Layne Hartsell There are any number of areas where emergence is occurring such as in nanotechnology, micromanufacturing (not to be confused with molecular manufacturing which is about 15 years away), economics, politics, and thus the term emergence takes on near metaphysical force, though I do not intend something on the order of the dialectical materialism which… Continue reading

Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the #Commons Part 3 #UK

United Kingdom: Finding a home in the city Source: Doc Next Network –   In London, urbanisation is pricing citizens further and further away from the places they called home. Housing prices have soared recently by up to 20% from one year to another, yet nearly 12% of residents have too few rooms in… Continue reading