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Trend of the Day: Edible Forests

By LUKE RUNYON: “Imagine turning a public park into a free-for-all of community plants – and snacks. Food forests have been likened to Garden of Eden revelry, or the blissful sampling in Willy Wonka’s chocolate waterfall room. It’s like a community garden on steroids. The concept is pretty simple: planners recreate a forest ecosystem with… Continue reading

Ethereum: Freenet or Skynet

What is Ethereum? Can this technology actually support the establishment of a utopian, free, and decentralized society? Or could it instead promote a more dystopian vision of society – or even a Skynet? Before we can understand anything about Ethereum, we must first understand Bitcoin: what it is, and how it works. The Bitcoin story… Continue reading

Enspiral: Changing the Way Social Entrepreneurs Do Business

Anna Bergren Miller  describes the inner workings of Enspiral, one of our favourite, P2P-based, social entrepreneurial networks. This article was originally published at Shareable. While it seems clear that New Zealand-based social enterprise network Enspiral is doing exciting things in the social impact space, it can be difficult, at first, to understand what exactly Enspiral is. It is easier… Continue reading

MyWheels Cooperative Car Sharing

This article on the organisation of the MyWheels Car Sharing Cooperative was submitted to us by Henry Mentink of My car, your car Keep everyone involved and decision making efficient: that’s why a car-sharing service in the Netherlands, uses the sociocratic circle-organization method (SCM). SCM also prevents potential conflicts between the organization and its… Continue reading

New Virtual Think Tank Studies How to Govern Knowledge Commons

By Cat Johnson of The commons are often associated with shared natural resources including grazing pastures, public spaces and water, but there are lots of commons including the Creative Commons, seed commons, and even knowledge commons. Yes, knowledge, passed from person to person, generation to generation, is a commons that we all share and contribute… Continue reading

Our Generation of Hackers by Nathan Schneider

Over the summer of 2014 Nathan Schneider embarked on a journey with the Wisdom Hackers—a group of artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and activists exploring elemental questions together. Travelling to Paris, Berlin, southern Italy, to Ecuador, and Silicon Valley, and a hacker congress in New York. This week he presents insights from that journey as a chapter… Continue reading

How the Internet of Things will disposses us through Protocollary Ownership

Excerpted from Scott Johnson: The Internet of Things, “will subtly redefine ownership as we know it. You will no longer own many of the most expensive and sophisticated items you possess. You may think you own them. But you’ll be wrong. They say “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” but even if you physically and… Continue reading

Open Call for CommonsFest Athens 2015

Source : After the open call for the organization of the 3rd CommonsFest at Heraklion, now comes the 1st open call for organizing CommonsFest in Athens in 2015. We wish a good start and we hope CommonsFest to travel in more cities in Greece and the rest of the world. CommonsFest was held the… Continue reading

Why the Right Keeps Winning and the Liberals and Progressives Keep Losing

By Rabbi Michael Lerner Source : Why does the Right keep winning in American politics, sometimes through electoral victories, sometimes by having the Democrats and others on the Left adopt what were traditionally right-wing policies and perspectives? Sure, I know that progressives won some important local battles in 2014: A few towns in California,… Continue reading