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PirateBox and LibraryBox – are edges of net coming alive?

The PirateBox … is a DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system built with free software and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware. PirateBox creates offline wireless networks designed for anonymous file sharing, chatting, message boarding, and media streaming. You can think of it as your very own portable offline Internet in a box! PirateBox is designed to… Continue reading

Peadar Kirby in discussion with Michel Bauwens

Continuing our series from Open Everything  we have today Professor Peadar Kirby, a resident of Cloughjordan Ecovillage in discussion with Michel Bauwens. If you are interested in other videos from this series see presentations by Peter Couchman , John Restakis and Michel Bauwens . Open Everything took place last month at Cloughjordan Ecovillage in Ireland and… Continue reading Using Cryptocurrency to Bring Economic Justice to the World

“Up until now, cryptocurrencies have held great potential, but it hasn’t always coincided with a practicality that would alleviate [social] ills. Certain elements such as bypassing the need for central banks are steps along the way, but there was something missing. A holistic social and economic system is urgently needed to address the inequalities inherent… Continue reading

Book of the Day: With P2P Towards a Post-Capitalist Society

De Wereld Redden. Met P2P naar een post-kapitalische samenleving. Michel Bauwens en Jean Lievens. Houtekiet / Oikos, 2013 This book achieved its third printing in a very short time in the Flanders (Flemish) region. French translation is already secured. Please note: the original Flemish title for the book is “De Wereld Redden”, which translates to… Continue reading

Inspiring New Film, “Voices of Transition,” on the Agriculture That We Need

How will agriculture have to change if we are going to successfully navigate past Peak Oil and address climate change?  A new film documentary, Voices of Transition, provides plenty of answers from Transition-oriented farmers in France, Great Britain and Cuba. Produced and directed by French/German filmmaker Nils Aguilar, the 65-minute film is “a completely independent,… Continue reading

Movement of the Day: Solidarity Economy St. Louis

Here’s a very inspiring interview with Solidarity St. Louis, an anti-capitalist, social justice and commons-oriented collective out of St Louis, Missouri. We’d like to thank the author, Mira Luna, for encouraging us to republish it. Since early August, the tragic killing of Mike Brown has caught fire in the news. It’s no surprise that mainstream media has… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Virtual Economies

* Book: Vili Lehdonvirta with E.Castronova. Virtual Economies: Design and Analysis. MIT Press, 2014 URL = aims to bring virtual economies to the attention of social scientists, and secondly to help digital designers use social science and economics scholarship when designing their virtual economies.   Introduction By Vili Lehdonvirta: “Digital gaming, once a stigmatized… Continue reading

Video of the Day: 3 hacks for a resource-based economy

From the notes to the video: The Zeitgeist Movement Ecuador invited Michel Bauwens to talk about a possible transition towards a Resource-based economic model and the “hacks” he proposes to achieve this (edited to include English audio only). Michel Bauwens: In this video I explain how, through the Commons-Based Reciprocity License, one can create an… Continue reading

Evolutionary Biologist Divulges The Secret To Human Coexisting

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change in Majorca, Spain talks with Evolutionary Biologist and Futurist Elisabet Sahtouris about her life’s work. She studied algae which covered Earth in its first 2 billion years to find that there’s a maturation cycle of all life, wherein the costs of competition are too high and the solution for… Continue reading