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Kostakis & Bauwens: Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy

Michel Bauwens and Vasilis Kostakis have just published a new book that offers a rich, sophisticated critique of our current brand of capitalism, and looks to current trends in digital collaboration to propose the outlines of the next, network-based economy and society. Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy is a scholarly book published… Continue reading

Sharing as the new common sense in a post-growth world

A nice, succinct contribution from Adam Parsons of Share the World Resources on finding new ways to describe post-growth alternatives that attract, rather than alienate. “The guilty secret of growthism is that it’s an excuse for not having to ask the rich to share, because if the pie can keep getting bigger, then why worry too much about… Continue reading

ADAM : Reclaiming the Internet with distributed architectures

Reclaiming the Internet with distributed architectures: rights, technologies, practices, innovation Final Symposium of the ADAM project (October 2-3, 2014, MINES ParisTech, 60 boulevard Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris) Source: Thursday, October 2   10-10:30am. Arrival of participants/Registration   10:30-10:45am. Introduction/Welcome: Cécile Méadel, Alexandre Mallard & Francesca Musiani (CSI MINES ParisTech)   10:45-11:30am. Keynote #1: Dominique Boullier… Continue reading

Defining Ownership in a Digital Era: How Makers Are Navigating the Complexities of IP

Having just set foot in a Fab Lab (two in fact) for the first time last week, I am intrigued by how the same disruption (yes, that word again!) that visited the music and movie industries is now beginning to erupt within the industry of fabrication of physical goods.  In my opinion, the change which… Continue reading

Oct 13th – 27th Join Global #MapJam 2.0 to Put the New Economy on the Map!

The P2P Foundation are happy to announce our partnership with Shareable and the Sharing Cities Network in supporting this years Global #MapJam. This October, the Sharing Cities Network will launch the Second Annual Global #Map Jam to bring activists together in cities around the world to connect the dots and map: grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives,… Continue reading

Algorithms of Emancipatory Modes of Production

Algortihms of Capitalism is the new book curated by Matteo Pasquinelli. This link would direct the reader to the Italian version of this very exciting volume which brings together the Accelerationist Manifesto, some reactions to it, and some important reflections relevant to what Toni Negri calls ‘the #Acclerationisty politics’ that can be drawn from the manifesto. Most… Continue reading

The Fabulous Future of P2P Economics, Commerce and Democracy

By Jules Peck Founding Partner, Jericho Chambers; Trustee, New Economics Foundation, member of the Advisory Board of the B Team. I’ve just returned from an eye-opening, mind-expanding week in Leipzig at the 4th Annual global Degrowth congress. This vibrant gathering brought together over 3,000, mostly young, ‘prosumer’ activists and practitioners from a variety of new… Continue reading

Working With Stories in Your Community or Organization

Working with Stories in Your Community or Organization by Cynthia Kurtz, 2014 Working with Stories is a textbook for people who want to use participatory narrative inquiry (PNI) in their communities and organizations. PNI methods help people discover insights, catch emerging trends, make decisions, generate ideas, resolve conflicts, and connect people. Participatory narrative inquiry draws… Continue reading

Project of the Day: Growstuff

Help our friends at Growstuff in their righteous campaign to build a global, open-source database to help foodgrowers around the world. Please read the campaign text posted below and head on over to their crowdfunding page to help in any way you can. Help build an open database for food growers everywhere Every day more of us… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Critique, Social Media and the Information Society

Fuchs, Christian and Marisol Sandoval, eds. 2014. Critique, Social Media and the Information Society. New York: Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-72108-0. URL =   Description This book is an outcome of the 4th ICTs and Society Conference: Critique, Democracy, and Philosophy in 21st Century Information Society: Towards Critical Theories of Social Media? (May 2-4, 2012, Uppsala Univeristy, Sweden)… Continue reading

A short video on Commons Based Reciprocity Licenses

Work on developing Commons Based Reciprocity Licenses (or CBRLs, for short) continues apace here at the P2P Foundation. When speaking of these types of licenses, we often find it hard to explain how they fill a niche in the alt. license spectrum, falling somewhere between the straight up copyleft and the popular Creative Commons Non-Commercial License…. Continue reading

Collective Intelligence for the Common Good

Establishing an Open Research and Action Community Network 29-30 September 2014, The Open University, London Campus, United Kingdom INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The Internet has provided the infrastructure for a variety of new approaches for collective intelligence. We believe, in fact, that the new communication infrastructure provides the potential for radical changes in the ways that… Continue reading