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Contra Rifkin (1): Food and Manufacturing will never be zero marginal cost

Excerpted from Eric Raymond: “There are … holes below the waterline of Rifkin’s thesis. One is that atoms are heavy. The other is that human attention doesn’t get cheaper as you buy more of it. In fact, the opposite tends to be true – which is exactly why capitalists can make a lot of money… Continue reading

Digital innovation or Biourbanism? Both, of course!

(this is the translation, first published on my own blog, of the final part of an article I published on the italian Pionero Web magazine in April 2014. The translation of the first part is available here) The official definition of Biourbanism starts with the focus on “the urban organism, considering it as a hypercomplex… Continue reading

Book of the Day: The Solidarity Economy Alternative

Book: The Solidarity Economy Alternative: emerging theory and practice. Ed. by Vishwas Satgar. University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, 2014. Review “Taking as its background the rise of transnational activism, the World Social Forum, the Arab Spring, Occupy and the Climate Justice Movement, The Solidarity Economy Alternative: emerging theory and practice sets out to clarify meanings of… Continue reading

Social Media were a weapon of choice in the Gaza-Israel Conflict

“The rise of the internet has helped to reconstruct the fragmentation of Palestine, as it is a way for Palestinians to reconnect and break their isolation. I think the effect of the social media boom among young Palestinian social media activists somehow succeeded in changing public perception of the Palestinian in the West,” Excerpted from… Continue reading

Curiosumé Because The Résumé Must Die by Dan Robles

This article on Curiosume is by Dan Robles of Curiosumé is an open source development project designed to replace the résumé as a means for describing one’s interests, skills, and abilities Private / Anonymous / Cryptographic / Mobile / Personal API  Demo Video and Specifications, Video Introduction; Collaboration Nation Original Specifications for Curiosumé (was… Continue reading

Book of the Day: The Prince of Evolution

* Book: The Prince of Evolution, By Lee Alan Dugatkin. = the story of the Russian prince, evolutionary theorist, and political radical Peter Alexeyevich Kropotkin   Description Eric Michael Johnson: “In The Prince of Evolution Dugatkin tells the story of the Russian prince, evolutionary theorist, and political radical Peter Alexeyevich Kropotkin whose Darwinian theory of… Continue reading

Why an ethical enterprise should never take on Venture Capital funding

Aral Balkan, in the context of a critique of Ello, an attempt to create a Facebook alternative, taking VC investment: “Here’s how venture capital works: you go to an investor, before you’ve even built the thing you’re building and you tell them how you’re going to exit. It’s called an exit plan or exit strategy…. Continue reading

Book of the Day: Digital Labour and Karl Marx

Book: Fuchs, Christian. 2014. Digital Labour and Karl Marx. New York: Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-71615-4. URL =   Description “How is labour changing in the age of computers, the Internet, and social media? such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Weibo and Twitter? In Digital Labour and Karl Marx, Christian Fuchs attempts to answer that question, crafting… Continue reading

Asian-European People’s Forum / Milan / Oct 10th – 13th

Dear Friends, From Oct. 10 to 13 the “Asian-European People’s Forum” will hold it’s conference in Milan. The general debates will concentrate on Socially Just Trade and Investment; Universal Social Protection – Guaranteed decent jobs, access to Essential Services and Social Security; Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Land and Natural Resource Management; Climate Change, Sustainable Energy… Continue reading

P2P Truth: A Map of Deepest Values by Andrius Kulikauskas

Today we have something a little different, a very nicely illustrated mapping project reflecting on p2p values and spirituality by Andrius Kulikauskas. The peer-to-peer movement values relative truth with a passion that is practically absolute. I believe that individual perspectives have the potential to discover the universal truth, at least enough of it so as… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Networked Apartment Project

Kelsy Colvin: “The contemporary urban neighborhood of houses in the United States still reflects a collection of individuals who are connected as a community in how they use their space. The house offers the ability to personalize the exterior space of your home and is often more connected to neighborhood associations, while it is integrated… Continue reading

On the Dangers of Monetizing Nature

“We can see the application of economic valuation in the real world and the damage that application has in far too many cases already done to communities who depend on and defend their territories against outside decisions that will destroy the land that provides them with a livelihood.” I remember in the late 1970s how… Continue reading

The Handicap Principle is a Force for Good or Evil

Terje Bongard was treated with the same ignorance by the Research Counsil of Norway, as Galileo Galilei was by the inquisition The handicap principle is a concrete force, it’s the driver of human behaviour and interaction, and we can use this force for good or for evil. The handicap principle is there, just like the sun is there. We… Continue reading