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Podcast of the day: Tim Jordan on Hacking and Communicative Practices After the Internet

Reposted from Hearsay Culture, David S. Levine interviews Tim Jordan, a Senior Lecturer in the analysis of digital culture at King’s College London .   From the shownotes to the episode: “Lastly, I’m thrilled to post Show #192, August 23, my interview with Tim Jordan of King’s College London on hacking. Tim is (and has… Continue reading

Hosting the Commons

Extracted from Percolab, here’s Samantha Slade recounting her experience at last year’s Economics and the Commons Conference. When I received an invitation to attend the Economics and the Commons conference (Berlin, 2013), I was delighted. The commons is alive in me. It is a new/old paradigm that reconnects with, and brings innovative thinking to, the social and ecological… Continue reading

Movement of the Day: Sudo Room

An open, non-hierarchical, collaborative community of humans, including tech developers, citizen scientists, activists, artists … interested in and working towards social change. From the self-description: 1. “Sudo Room is an open, non-hierarchical, collaborative community of humans, including tech developers, citizen scientists, activists, artists–and all combinations in between and beyond!–who are interested in and working towards social… Continue reading

Labor confronts the dark sides of the sharing economy: the Amazon workers’ revolt

It will be a hard fight, but if economic trends are any indication, labor doesn’t really have any other choice. In a growing number of cities, “disruptive” industries have given corporations new ways to exploit workers. Brick-and-mortar schools and universities are threatened with obsolescence by the rise of “MOOCs,” short for “Massive Open Online Courses.”… Continue reading

Video of the day: Michel Bauwens on the FLOKSociety project

This is the first time in history that a state is walking this way, so this is an historical project.   A very recent interview with Michel Bauwens conducted by Rosa Roig in Quito, Ecuador. Michel talks about his role as director of research on the FLOKSociety project, his experience in Ecuador, and the various… Continue reading

Amazon and the US book trade

David Bollier recently recommended this article, written by George Packer and originally published in the New Yorker. It is a long and detailed narrative about Amazon’s history thought the nineties, aughts and up to the present. Amazon’s influence has been so disruptive that it also doubles as a history of publishing in the last 15… Continue reading

Project of the Day: Open Funding, a co-funding platform for free software developers

“Open Funding is a co-funding platform for free software. It aims to provide a sustainable business model for free software development and common good production. The idea is to enable free software users to contribute to projects by funding them feature by feature, creating a long term relationship between a project and its community. It… Continue reading

Podcast of the Day: Nikos Salingaros on Creating Buildings and Environments That Support Life

Extracted from, James Alexander Arnfinsen talks to Nikos Salingaros about human needs, holistic architecture and reclaiming the best qualities from the buildings of the past. From the shownotes to the episode. “In this episode I have the delight of connecting with Nikos Salingaros, who is a Professor in Mathematics, an Urbanist and Architectural… Continue reading

The Neuroplasticity of the Collective Brain as a Key Factor for Achieving Social Change

Excerpted from Otto Scharmer who reports on a conference held at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute: “During the first panel of the (AEI) event, Jonathan Haidt of NYU suggested that today’s capitalism has three different story lines: (1) capitalism as heartless exploitation, (2) capitalism as the greatest discovery of mankind, and (3) a “more ethical… Continue reading

Video of the day: Charlie Rose interviews Nouriel Roubini, Ian Bremmer on World Economies

In this update on the global crisis, Charlie Rose discusses “the new abnormal” with political scientist Ian Bremmer and economist Nouriel Roubini. Together they explore the global economic and political climate in terms of the rapidly shifting balances along axes of stability/instability and equilibrium/disequilibrium. They discuss the anemic growth in advanced economies and its effects in… Continue reading

Joel Dietz on Bitcoin 2.0

If you have a minute, here’s a minute-long video explaining Bitcoin 2.0, a new idea about evolving the cryptocurrency model as a distributed autonomous society. Excerpted from, by Joel Dietz It’s a movement, it’s an ethos, it’s a community, it’s the future. What do I mean? I mean that distributed autonomous corporations and organizations… Continue reading

New Documentary on Icelandic Modern Media Initiative – by Paula Lázaro

In a time of mass government surveillance, when journalists and their partners are treated like terrorists. The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI), one of the few success stories to come out of the economic crisis continues to raise the bar and set the new standards for media law, offering an alternative vision for the future… Continue reading

Movement of the Day: the Building Man Cooperative

“Building Man is a Multi Stakeholder Co-operative organizing the Building Man festival and incorporated as an Industrial and Providence Society. They’re known as the Somerset Rules, and we couldn’t agree more. Our brand new Building Man Co-operative is community owned and co-operatively organised. We’re 100% participatory and radically inclusive, with an open membership and directors… Continue reading