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New Intertrading Protocol for Complementary Currency Systems

Press Release An international group of monetary experts met at The Hague in June and engaged a process to define a common Intertrading protocol. By using this protocol, complementary currency systems become interoperable and able to exchange in a global marketplace. Culminating substantial discussions in the group, some experts met in Berlin this September and… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Free Seeds, Not Free Beer

* Article: Free Seeds, Not Free Beer”: Participatory Plant Breeding, Open Source Seeds, and Acknowledging User Innovation in Agriculture. Keith Aoki. UC Davis Legal Studies Research Paper Series ; Research Paper No. 167, April 2009 Summary: “This essay has examined the relevance of user-innovation in the context of participatory plant breeding. This essay first looked… Continue reading

Video: Alastair Parvin on the Wikihouse Open Source Construction Set

Via OuiShareTV: “Around a year and a half ago, a collaborative team began working on WikiHouse, an open source construction set. Its aim is to make it possible for anyone to design, share, download, adapt and ‘print’ out low-cost, high-performance, houses which are suited to their needs, and can be assembled quickly and without traditional… Continue reading

The betrayal of community ethics by the venture-capital financed ‘sharing’ companies

To be successful, the venture-capital-funded “sharing economy” will be forced to lose all those aspects of informal sharing that makes “sharing” attractive, and to keep those aspects that erode neighbourhoods, erode employment rights, and remove basic standards. And if they succeed, they will have used the language of sharing to bring about an unregulated, free-market,… Continue reading

Democratic and Participatory Production and Governance in the Zapastista Areas of Chiapas

Excerpted from a text, THE ZAPATISTAS STILL EXIST, received by email from FRANÇOIS HOUTART: “Up until now we have concentrated on the general context of the development of the Zapatista movement, but what about its internal practices? As we saw, Chiapas is one of the poorest regions of Mexico, where the land tenure system had… Continue reading

Video: Intermodal Shared Mobility and the Future of Transport

Via OuiShareTV: “The mobility sector is undergoing a profound transformation. Urbanization, demographic changes and environmental factors are bringing on challenges, which are requiring governments and private transport services to rethink their approaches to mobility in an intermodal way. Mobility experts working in ridesharing, peer-to-peer carsharing and service design tell us their visions of the future… Continue reading

A Zen View Upon the World (Less is More)

This article is inspired by the Alexandrine pattern 134, Zen View. The pattern states: “The archetypal zen view occurs in a famous Japanese house, which gives this pattern its name.” Let’s start with listening to the wisdom of A Pattern Language (Please note that the illustrations of the original text are missing): A Buddhist monk lived high in the mountains, in a small… Continue reading

An anthropological introduction to the emergence of the peer to peer relational dynamic

Republished lecture from a conference I participated in, in Milan on October 22 -23, 2010, i.e. “The Effects of New Communication Technologies upon Information”. This is the transcript of my lecture, which focuses more than usual on the anthropological underpinnings of p2p relationships. The spoken word nature of the intervention, may make it extra readable… Continue reading

Project of the Day: the Patient Innovation platform

Patient Innovation is a nonprofit, international, multilingual, free venue for patients and caregivers of any disease to share their innovations. They explain: “Patients of chronic diseases have to deal with long-lasting conditions and everyday challenges. They frequently develop valuable solutions to improve their quality of life and even treat their own disease, sometimes saving their… Continue reading

Video: Peer-to-Peer Finance and the Future of Banking

Via OuiShareTV: “Peer-to-Peer Finance and Crowdfunding are reaching momentum. Beyond Kickstarter, almost 3 billion dollars were raised in 2012 across 700+ platforms, double compared to the previous year. As the crowdfunding market matures, with clear verticals and burgeoning niche platforms adressing specific needs, this new way of raising money for creative, social and entrepreneurial projects… Continue reading

Bottlenecks in creating a 3D Printing commons

“It is clear that the ecosystem is just forming, so that the promises of a third industrial revolution are not being realised yet. The clearly identified bottlenecks with regard to usability, object quality, price and co–ordination of collaboration likewise speak of a number of elementary hurdles on the way of the revolution. On the other… Continue reading