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Essay of the Day: Promises and Perils on the Road to an Omnipotent Global Intelligence

* Article: Return to Eden? Promises and Perils on the Road to an Omnipotent Global Intelligence. By Francis Heylighen, 2013 Abstract “The concept of Singularity envisages a technology-driven explosion in intelligence. This paper argues that the resulting suprahuman intelligence will not be centralized in a single AI system, but distributed across all people and artifacts,… Continue reading

The Internet, collective decision-making, and peer democracy

In a small group , we can easily share all relevant information , and thus move towards greater equity decision . But in a large organization , it was impossible and unimaginable until now. From the author of the French book, Horizontal Hope: “When Gutenberg invented the printing press the deployment of knowledge outside of… Continue reading

Video: The State of Research on the Collaborative Economy

Via OuishareTV: “In this panel, we will dig into several key questions regarding research and knowledge about the collaborative economy: What are we talking about? What are the research topics related to the collaborative economy, peer-to-peer and networked citizen innovation? What are the scientific disciplines involved? What are the key existing and upcoming research works… Continue reading

Benedictan Rules as a Hacker Protocol

“UnMonasterians could do worse than devote some serious time in studying the benedictine ways as a protocol for societal impact in social innovation. This consists of the Rule (software), the physical arrangement of the monasteries and abbeys (for example, single cells for monks to sleep in are a part of the protocol governing monastic life… Continue reading

Movement of the Day: the Catalan Integrated Cooperative

Excerpted from Patricia Manrique: “The Catalan Integrated Cooperative (CIC) began two years ago; it now has 850 members and several thousand people who participate in debates and projects. Under the label “integrated,” the Cooperative functions as a political project seeking to tie together consumer and labor initiatives “and many others, such as education, mechanisms to… Continue reading

Flyer: The Representative Ingroup Democracy (RID) Model

Download the flyer in English language (pdf): Can bytes save the future? The money value delusion. Download the flyer in German language (pdf): Können Bytes die Zukunft retten? Die Geldwert-Täuschung. Is it possible to design a democratic, solidary and sustainable society, stabilised by human ingroup drivers? Excerpt: “In our book «The biological human being –… Continue reading

“Damn the Masters’ Plan!”, by Wouter Vanstiphout

Strelka Talks. “Damn the Masters’ Plan!” by Wouter Vanstiphout from Strelka Institute on Vimeo. Read more at Archiframe. Nikos Salingaros says about this video: Here is an excellent video linking urbanicide to modernism. Wouter still likes the modernist aesthetic look, but he clearly analyzes its destructiveness. It’s what we have been saying all along, though… Continue reading

Movement of the Day: Red de Evolución Colaborativa

Excerpted from Victor Valenzuela: “We are a Chilean group called “Red de Evolución Colaborativa” (Collaborative Evolution Network), RedEC. We work in the study, analysis, implementation and promotion of alternative production models. Our goal is to reach a society that allows an indefinite, collective and individual development (social evolution). We are profoundly convinced that the peer… Continue reading