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Essay of the Day: Commons-Based Peer Production in the Perezian Framework

* Article: At the Turning Point of the Current Techno-Economic Paradigm: Commons-Based Peer Production, Desktop Manufacturing and the Role of Civil Society in the Perezian Framework. By Vasilis Kostakis. Triple C, Vol 11, No 1 (2013). From the abstract “Following the theory of techno-economic paradigm shifts (TEPS), this paper calls attention to the phenomenon of… Continue reading

Cities need networks, not heroes; weak ties, not strong ties

Excerpted from Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley: (from the book, The Metropolitan Revolution, Brookings Institution Press) “When economic sociologist Sean Safford first began comparing midcentury board lineups of local Boy Scout chapters and garden clubs in the cities of Youngstown and Allentown, the idea that such data could have any bearing on the future of… Continue reading

The emergence of social coops for social care: Italy and beyond

The rise of social enterprise as a new, hybrid form of social care has been met with growing interest. In the co-operative sector, the emergence of social co-ops has been the most significant change to occur in the movement in thirty years. These are co-operatives whose purpose is the provision of Social Care, not only… Continue reading

Self-Organization in Greece at the Vio-Me Occupied Factory

“The workers at the Vio.Me. Factory in Thessaloniki, Greece have quickly grown into a symbol of self-management internationally. After going on strike and occupying their factory, on February 12, 2013 they re-opened the factory and started production under worker’s control. For many, the factory represents a new potential way forward for unemployed workers in Greece… Continue reading

Four Futures Scenarios for Power in the Network Era (1): The Context

“This article asks questions about the futures of power in the network era. Two critical emerging issues are at work with uncertain outcomes. The first is the emergence of the collaborative economy, while the second is the emergence of surveillance capabilities from both civic, state and commercial sources. While both of these emerging issues are… Continue reading

Gar Alperovitz on the Transition Strategies for the Next Economy

Interesting podcast: “In Extraenvironmentalist #63 we talk about the growing network of institutions and businesses that are forming the new economic revolution in the United States with historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz. Gar describes the ideas in his new book, What Then Must We Do: Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution. Then we… Continue reading