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Non-State Sovereign Entrepreneurs and Non-Territorial Sovereign Organizations

This looks like a must read: Paper: * Non-State Sovereign Entrepreneurs and Non-Territorial Sovereign Organizations. By Jurgen Brauer and Robert Haywood. WIDER Working Paper, UNU-WIDER, February 2010 “We propose two new concepts, of non-state sovereign entrepreneurs and the non-territorial sovereign organizations they form, and relate them to issues pertaining to state sovereignty, governance failures, and… Continue reading

Sustaining Alternative Universities Collaborative Research Conference

UK Free University Network (FUN) Sustaining Alternative Universities Collaborative Research Conference The conference will be held over the weekend of 1–2 December 2012 at West Oxford Community Centre, Oxford Introduction Following on from the inaugural meeting of the UK Free University Network held in early 2012, we are calling out to representatives of all free… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Peer Producing Plenty in the Physical World

Excerpted from Christian Siefkes: “Peer production needs to grow beyond the immaterial into the material world, producing not just information, but also physical goods and services. But is that even possible? “An abundance of information about how we might make things is not the same as an abundance of things—it is an abundance of recipes… Continue reading

Book of the Day: The Hierarchy in the Forest

Book: Christopher Boehm. Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior. Harvard University Press. Description “Boehm, professor of anthropology and director of the Jane Goodall Research Center at the University of Southern California, ranges broadly in his quest to determine the evolutionary origins of social and political behavior. Combining an exhaustive ethnographic survey of… Continue reading

The founding principles of the Indiano ‘P2P’ phyle

The Foundation of the Indiano phyle is the basic organizational definition of the phyle and the link between its communitarian logic and its economic metabolism. The foundation document of the Las Indias cooperative group has recently been translated. This is the first part on the founding principles, and an impressive document. Origins and values For… Continue reading

Global Commons Governance Instead of World Leaders

Thomas Olsen: “A truly interesting article in Club of Amsterdam’s e-Journal, issue no 152 (Nov 2012), under the title of “One Minute before 12: Understanding the Global Model”, reports on a comprehensive and ‘complex model’ study titled “Effects of Political and Social Conditions; Demographics; Global Finance and Economy; Energy, Food and Fresh Water Production and… Continue reading

Using Nondominion to Evolve from Local to Global Commons

* Paper: From Local to Global Commons. Applying Ostrom’s Key Principles for Sustainable Governance. By Valnora Leister and Mark Frazier. “This paper explores a possible new local-to-global system for the equitable governance of the “common pool resources.” As normally understood, the “Commons” refers to resources that are owned or shared among communities. Such resources (forests,… Continue reading

Book of the Day: The Occupy Handbook

Book: The Occupy Handbook. Ed. By Janet Byrne. Back Bay Books, 2012 Description “Analyzing the movement’s deep-seated origins in questions that the country has sought too long to ignore, some of the greatest economic minds and most incisive cultural commentators – from Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, Michael Lewis, Robert Reich, Amy Goodman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Gillian… Continue reading

Debating the premises of the economy of the commons in Quebec

Exceptionally in French (including Quebec-styled), there are various voices, including mine, on the premises for a economics of the commons. A well-done two-part mix by Alain Ambrosi and the experienced video team of Remix the Commons. Thanks to the budding School of Commoning (Ecole des Commnuns) in Montreal, Quebec: “Organisé par Communautique et Remix biens… Continue reading

Os fundadores da P2P Foundation em São Paulo, Brasil

Michel and me will be present in Sao Paulo (Brazil) to give a workshop the Saturday December 1st. More information here. The invitation in portuguese below: Imperdível oportunidade de estar com Michel Bauwens – um dos maiores especialistas mundiais em processos p2p, economia colaborativa, modelos abertos – e Franco Iacomella, diretor ejectuvi da P2P Foundation…. Continue reading

The HYBRID CITY II: Subtle rEvolutions

The HYBRID CITY II: Subtle rEvolutions – Conference, workshops, exhibition and parallel events – 23-25 May 2013 – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Hybrid City is an international biennial event dedicated to exploring the emergent character of the city and the potential transformative shift of the urban condition, as a result of ongoing developments… Continue reading