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The Womanifesto : The Future is Female

The Womanifesto is the philosophy underpinning the satirical novel DOG Sharon: The Future is Female  The Womanifesto calls for a positive re-evaluation and adoption of what have traditionally been referred to as Female Values and Perspectives with a corresponding paradigm shift in human affairs. The Womanifesto is the philosophy underpinning the satirical novel DOG Sharon: The Future is Female  The Womanifesto calls… Continue reading

Oil prices will make the Next Industrial Revolution a distributed one

Republished from John Aziz: “Large, centrally-directed systems are inherently fragile. Think of the human body; a spontaneous, unexpected blow to the head can kill an otherwise healthy creature; all the healthy cells and tissue in the legs, arms, torso and so forth killed through dependency on the brain’s functionality. Interdependent systems are only ever as… Continue reading

Organisation 4.0: Rising of the revolutionary ne(t)worganisation

New organising is networganising which is different than both organising and networking performed by traditional organisation and network. It is a higher level synthesis of the best parts of the two and that goes beyond the practices of pre-synthesis  hybrid forms networked organisation (networg) and organised network (orgnet). Networganising is what a networganisation does in order to reach out like minded, key peers, link them and their… Continue reading

Book of the Day: The Producism Manifesto

The Producism Manifesto. People-Powered Stimulus Packages and Sustainable Local Communities. By Drew Little. Description The goal of this book is to succinctly explain fundamental problems in the U.S.’s current economic system, and to propose a solution that is easy to understand through the use of text, image, and video content. A mobile application will also… Continue reading

Class struggle 3.0: Entrepreneurs as the New Labor Class vs. the Funder Class

Excerpted from a three-part essay by Venkatesch Rao: “For the last few months, I’ve been cautiously testing a radical-sounding hypothesis on smart people: entrepreneurs are the new labor. Or to put it in a more useful way, the balance of power between investors and entrepreneurs that marks the early, frontier days of a major technology… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Cooperative Transitions to a Steady-state Economy

Book: The Resilience Imperative. Cooperative Transitions to a Steady-state Economy. by Michael Lewis & Pat Conaty From the book’s description: “We find ourselves between a rock and a hot place compelled by the intertwining forces of peak oil and climate change to reinvent our economic life at a much more local and regional scale. The… Continue reading

The world’s first open data festival can inspire business

Source: SITRA Sitra will contribute to Helsinki’s ground-breaking open knowledge conference. The OKFestival will bring leading open data experts to Helsinki for a week in September. The world’s first open knowledge festival will focus on new business opportunities, the benefits of making information freely available and the effects of a new type of transparency on… Continue reading

What’s Happening in the P2P Research Space?

An overview by Nicolas Mendoza: * R2R_Research_Process_Protocol_Project page at the P2P Foundation Wiki URL = Please bear in mind that it is indeed a “Request for Comments”, as we believe that the final form of this P2P research initiative should be itself the result of a P2P production process. * Jarkko Moilanen’s Call for… Continue reading