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Despite the Apple verdict, for Samsung, copying was the right decision

Excerpted from Farhad Manjoo: “It’s tempting, after such a sweeping verdict in Apple’s favor, to conclude that Samsung’s decision to mimic the iPhone was a terrible mistake. The firm will now be on the hook for at least $1 billion in damages, and the judge could triple that amount. Samsung will likely face sales injunctions… Continue reading

The Organization of United Phyles: a post-Westphalian proposal by Las Indias and the P2P Foundation

Republished from Las Indias (Indjana Kooperativa Grupo): “Worldwide, a growing number of transnational communities is appearing. Some of them tend towards, pursue, or already have a shared economy around diverse commons. They are phyles, and every day, more and more people see them as the alternative to combat crisis, experience social innovation, and live out… Continue reading

The Relational Shift – Part 2: Relational Dynamics between Humans and their Built Environment

Source: PRN.FM The Lived World of Place and Urban Design — a talk with David Seamon, editor of the journal Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology, about relational dynamics between humans and their built environment; also featuring Mindy Fullilove, author of Root Shock and Urban Alchemy about the destructive effects of post-war urban renewal projects on African-American… Continue reading

From biosubstitution (= bad), to biomimicry (= good)!

Excerpted from Hazel Henderson: “Cynics and media editors delight in ridiculing the UN and all humanity’s painful efforts at learning how Earth’s systems actually function. The past 50 years of official global conferences, and hundreds of thousands more meetings by NGOs, concerned business and investor groups, environmentalists and social justice networks of the World Social… Continue reading

The End of the Age of Scalable Efficiency?

Interestesting analysis excerpted from a review by John Hagel of the book, ‘Race Against the Machine’. John Hagel: 1. The Problem ‘Ronald Coase won the Nobel Prize in economics for an essay on The Nature of the Firm he wrote in 1937 that provided a simple and compelling answer to the question of why we… Continue reading

No, Automation does NOT lead to Liberation

Futurologists really must come to terms with the extent to which they have functioned as relentless defenders of the interests of corporate elites and the status quo all the while pretending to be champions of “accelerating change” and “techno-emancipation” in “The Future.” Excerpted from Dale Carrico: “It is a commonplace of futurological corporate propaganda since… Continue reading

Four stages in the history of individual empowerment through technology

Excerpted from Doc Searls: “The move toward individual empowerment is a long, gradual revolution. It began with the first personal computers, which caught on in the early 1980s. With PCs, people got the power to do what big business called “data processing”—but in many more ways than any company could ever do. The next stage… Continue reading

The Relational Shift – Part 1: The Relational Shift in Psychology

Source: PRN.FM The Relational Shift in Psychology: a talk with Judith V. Jordan, director of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute (housed at Wellesley College), about the Relational-Cultural Model of the self and human development, which she co-developed beginning in 1978; the relational shift in the field of clinical psychology from a Freudian model (the… Continue reading