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Five argumentative fallacies and one methodological fallacy without which degrowth cannot stand

Excerpted from David De Ugarte in Five argumentative fallacies and one methodological fallacy without which degrowth cannot stand: “The degrowth arguments form a unique fabric of classic, yet socially widespread, fallacies. Together, they form an argumentative fabric as false as it is seductive, which is able to generate the illusion of rationality, propped up on… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Phyles, Economic Democracy in the Network Century

Phyles: Economic Democracy in the Network Century. by David de Ugarte Introduction by the author: “This work is the last instalment in a series of books, written by half a dozen authors besides me, that try to describe and understand, from a common logic although from different angles, the vast social changes which took place… Continue reading

Invitation to participate in the collaborative development of a General Theory of Relationality

A very important initiative proposed by Daryl Taylor: (for background see here) “A small team (Melbourne and east coast of Australia) have begun a focussed discussion about collaborating on the development of a ‘General Theory of Relationality.’ Starting with Adorno, we’re investigating shifts from a 20th C scientific-technical-industrial-instrumental rationality to a 21st C socio-ecological-egalitarian-empathic relationality…. Continue reading

Linux and the Management of Decentralized Networks

Essay: MANAGEMENT & VIRTUAL DECENTRALISED NETWORKS: THE LINUX PROJECT. By George N. Dafermos. This older essay is still very interesting and worth reading as a primer on peer governance. Abstract “This paper examines the latest of paradigms – the ‘Virtual Network(ed) Organisation’ and whether geographically dispersed knowledge workers can virtually collaborate for a project under… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Zapotec Science

Book: Zapotec Science. Farming and Food in the Northern Sierra of Oaxaca. By Roberto J. González. University of Texas Press, 2001 Zapotec farmers in the northern sierra of Oaxaca, Mexico, are highly successful in providing their families with abundant, nutritious food in an ecologically sustainable fashion, although the premises that guide their agricultural practices would… Continue reading

History of Community Asset Ownership

Report: A history of community asset ownership. by Steve Wyler. Development Trusts Association, 2009. Description “In the last few years community ownership of land and buildings has become, alongside social enterprise, a hot topic across the political spectrum, evidenced by manifesto promises, government reports and White Papers, enabling legislation, regulation and guidance, new investment funds,… Continue reading

Viva PeerPoint!

I’m disappointed but not surprised that the PeerPoint Open P2P Application Design Specification Project[1] is viewed with scorn by old-guard digital libertarians and anarchists. They accuse the PeerPoint project of being too ambitious and naive–they’ve seen everything and done everything and they have a superior, smug, cynical attitude. They argue that the only solution is… Continue reading