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Draft Internet copyright regulations invite public feedback

Source: The public have been invited to give feedback on the newly drafted regulations aimed at defining what constitutes of an infringement of Internet copyright. Internet users and network service providers will be held accountable for infringement of copyright if they provide accesses to literary, video and audio content via the web without being… Continue reading

Open-source hardware movement wants legitimacy

Source: Agam Shah Inspired by the success of the open-source software movement, a group of technology enthusiasts is looking to unite the fragmented open-source hardware community in an effort to promote hardware innovation. A group of technologists are establishing the Open Source Hardware Association, formed to promote the creation and sharing of hardware or electronic… Continue reading

Video of the Day: Economist Steve Keen in “Should government pay off our debts?”

Should government pay off our debts? Economist Steve Keen says we are already in another Great Depression. He advocates bankrupting the banks, nationalising the financial system and paying off people’s debt Economist Steve Keen is one of the few economists to have predicted the global financial crisis and now he says we are already in… Continue reading

“Printing” pharmaceuticals with a 3D printer

Source: Cory Doctorow A Nature Chemistry paper by researchers from the University of Glasgow describes a process for “printing” pharmaceutical compounds from various feedstocks, and supposes a future in which we have diagnosis/medication manufacturies at home. The process uses an off-the-shelf 3D printer technology to assemble pre-filled “vessels” in ways that create the desired chemical… Continue reading

Book of the Day: The End of Leadership

Book: The End of Leadership. Barbara Kellerman. HarperBusiness. 2012. From the publisher: “One of our foremost leadership experts dismantles obsolete assumptions and stimulates a new conversation about leadership in the twenty-first century. Becoming a leader has become a mantra. The explosive growth of the “leadership industry” is based on the belief that leading is a… Continue reading

Evolving from requiring to facilitating “reciprocity”

Christian Siefkes has updated his insights on contributory economics: (original article with links, via Keimform, here) “While in my book I describe what could be characterized as “open sharing communities requiring reciprocity” (you are required to contribute in order to benefit), my more recent work is about “open sharing communities facilitating reciprocity” – where contributing… Continue reading

Video of the Day: Tube, a new open movie project

The Tube Open Movie Cory Doctorow explains: Rob sez, “Elephants Dream, the original open movie directed by Bassam Kurdali, proved that it is possible to make high quality 3D animated films using free tools in a studio setting. The Tube Open Movie is a new experiment in distributed collaboration using cutting-edge tools for independent film-making…. Continue reading

What is Post Leadership? a table

Source: Stephen Downes Management Leadership That something else better that isn’t management or leadership Attitude Compliance Humility Service Authority Based upon title Based upon earned trust None; offers an example which may be followed or not Questions Questions are viewed as a threat to authority Encourages questions to develop an ethical understanding Asked frequently The… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: The Macroeconomic Identity of Communism

Source: Dmytri KleinerDmytri Kleiner Travels have kept me from posting a new article here in quite a while, however despite the long break, I’d none the less like continue the train of though from the last article, “It’s The Macroeconomy, Stupid.” [1] In that article, I start by explaining that a macroeconomic identity, as an… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Networked – The New Social Operating System

Book: Networked: The New Social Operating System. Barry Wellman and Lee Rainie. The MIT Press. 2012. From the Publisher: “Daily life is connected life, its rhythms driven by endless email pings and responses, the chimes and beeps of continually arriving text messages, tweets and retweets, Facebook updates, pictures and videos to post and discuss. Our… Continue reading

Online education startup P2PU expands with 5 languages and 15 new courses

Source: Courtney Boyd Myers In our seminal report on How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education, we introduced you to P2PU, a grassroots, open education project that organizes learning outside of institutional walls. Since last summer, P2PU has grown to 30,000 users aka “peers” under the care of its 7-person team that’s strategically spread across the… Continue reading

Person of the Day: Alan Moore

Source: Shareable In this interview, The P2P Foundation’s Michel Bauwens and Shareable’s Neal Gorenflo chatted with Alan Moore, founder of the innovation consultancy firm SMLXL and co-author of Communities Dominate Brands, about his new book No Straight Lines: Making Sense of a Non-Linear World. You can read the open acces version of No Straight Lines on Alan’s site… Continue reading

ExploitHub launchs ‘Charities and Causes Program’, the P2P Foundation is part of it

ExploitHub Authors Can Now Split Their Payouts with Selected Charities. ExploitHub, the first legitimate marketplace for validated, non-zero-day exploits, announced today the introduction of the ExploitHub Charities and Causes Program. This program allows Authors that submit exploits and other products to the ExploitHub market to split their revenue with selected charities. Three initial charities may… Continue reading