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Occupy Everywhere: Michael Moore, Naomi Klein on Next Steps for the #OccupyWallStreet Movement

I strongly recommend watching the whole program, it’s an excellent discussion: “How does the Occupy Wall Street movement move from “the outrage phase” to the “hope phase,” and imagine a new economic model? In a Democracy Now! special broadcast, we bring you excerpts from a recent event that examined this question and much more. “Occupy… Continue reading

The two solid victories of the #OccupyWallStreet movement

it’s undeniable that a mood change had hit Ohio — and in a major way. Pro-worker organizers and volunteers benefited from something their peers in Wisconsin lacked: the wind of public opinion at their backs. Polls conducted in the run-up to Ohio’s November 8th vote showed large majorities of Ohioans agreeing that income inequality was… Continue reading

John Robb on The Art of Pathogenic Warfare and the Wall Street Immune Disease

As we began to unravel these events, it became increasingly obvious that most of the shocks were caused by financial parasites flooding the system with toxins (bankruptcy, uncertainty, etc.). Parasitic pathogens, like the owners of the hedge fund Magnetar Capital, who are willing to severely damage the host system in order to either best the… Continue reading

The Spanish Revolution & the Internet: From free culture to meta-politics summary

Post by @schock at  MIT Center for Civic Media   Mayo Fuster Morell, Berkman Center Fellow The Spanish Revolution & the Internet: From free culture to meta-politics These notes were liveblogged, all errors belong to @schock 🙂 Mayo Fuster Morell is a Berkman Fellow and scholar of free culture and social movements. She begins by locating… Continue reading

P2P History (4): 1968 and #OccupyWallStreet as bifurcation points in the world system

Via: I strongly recommend watching his special talk by Immanuel Wallerstein in full. “Analyzing the chaotic and unpredictable historical conjecture in which we find ourselves, Dr. Wallerstein highlights the instability of a world-system far from equilibrium, where our actions may very well be the factor that decides whether the planet succumbs to the spirit of… Continue reading

Documentary on the internet’s hidden physical infrastructure

Via: Ben Mendesohn: “I want to share a short documentary that I recently produced about the hidden Infrastructure of the Internet called Bundled, Buried and Behind Closed Doors. The video is meant to remind viewers that the Internet is a physical, geographically anchored thing. It features a tour inside Telx’s 9th floor Internet exchange at… Continue reading

Movements today are truly global: The Tahrir Square – #OccupyWallStreet connection

Excerpted from Asmaa Mahfouz: “Movements today are truly global. They work in symbiosis, learning from and imitating each others’ strategies. Occupy Wall Street reflects this: the call for Occupy protests came from Canada, the General Assembly structure came from Spain, and the outcry of “We are the 99%” came from Italy. Many occupiers took inspiration… Continue reading

Updates on the Situation in Egypt: What is Happening

From a document circulated by @RamyRaoof [You can help by translating this to your local language and circulate it. If you translated it please send the link to @RamyRaoof. Kindly find below the available translations] Dear All, I am writing to you to tell you about the situation in Egypt at the moment, as I am… Continue reading